Movies Every Photography Lover Must Watch

Photography is the science or art of creating a durable image using recorded light by an image sensor or a photographic film. Photography can be employed in many sciences, business, manufacturing areas, art, video production, and movies.

Photography Movies

Susan Sontag argues about photography, “To photograph is to appropriate the thing photographed. It means putting one’s self into a certain relation to the world that feels like knowledge, and thus like power.” From film stills and flipbooks as starting, developing into slide shows and digital imaging and finally to modern visual forms shows an established relationship between motion and stillness.

Photography and movie-making go hand-in-hand. Photography and cinematography are interrelated. The cinematography of any movie increases the sense of the movie, and so does photography. Thus, cinematography, motion picture photography, is the photography in movie making.

Movies About Photography

One Hour Photo

Fully equipped with all the knowledge about photography, Mark Romanek, the writer, handles the viewers’ mood swings. It gives the story of Seymour, who makes a living by taking photos at the department store.

High Art

High Art, a Canadian-American film by Lisa Cholodenko, told Radha Mitchell, a young intern at a small magazine falling in love with a lesbian photographer, Ally Sheedy.

Rear Window

Rear Window is the story of a photographer who uses a wheelchair who uses his lens to spy on his neighbors and comes across incredible experiences. The film is by Alfred Hitchcock.


It is an American melodrama written by Patrick Marber. The film portrays a portrait photographer. It gives an accurate image of the photography procedure.

Everlasting Moments

It is the life of a woman who gets a camera in a wartime rush ad how her love for photography changes her life. Jan Troell wrote this Swedish film.

Gentleman’s Relish

Kingdom Swann, starting a new career by accepting a camera as a gift, is portrayed. The Englishman, John Osborn, is behind the story.

A great lot of movies are depicted based on photography. Even a lot of documentary movies are there regarding photography as a classic theme. Photography and the film industry are deeply related. This is so from the origin of motion films till now, the era of modern cinema. Cinematography is just moving photography. Photography lovers are to watch this small list of movies that are only a handful of water from a sea ahead.