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This photo is a part of a 'Shared Theme' project by Andrew Moore (my works can be seen under 'Light' category)
This photo is one my first attempts in film for the past... I don't know, 15 years? Probably more, my film camera died when I was in 7th grade or so.

Anyway, I usually write about photography here, but now I want to 'touch' some other topic although related.


For my works, I will always prefer a critical point of view than praise. There is very little I can learn from praise, and (good) critical comment might change and broaden my perspective.

The problem is that most people (or maybe it's just us, photobloggers? ;)) are easily offended, so every comment that include even the slightest touch of criticism must include an apology as well. Why is that?
Few weeks ago I criticized a photo. Not something too major just made an offer that in my opinion, could make the final result better. It ended up in an angry email and my comment was deleted. I mean... Come on! I'm sure even Ansel Adams could enjoy hearing other opinions.

Guys, please - Always feel free to criticize my works. In worst case scenario it will lead to a fascinating debate we can all learn from. No need to apologize :)