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Nature photography.
It's not so hard to have 'good' photos when you take scenery shots, doesn't it?

The nature is always there. If the exposure is incorrect, just shoot another frame. It's tougher when animals involved, obviously, but scenery shots?

Ansal Adams is the THE master of nature/scenery/perfect exposure photography. But today, when we all use digital cameras and we have an instant results, where is the challenge in this (niche of) photography?

Well... It does looks good, no doubt about it.

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  1. bluechameleon says:

    This truly is a beautiful shot Ilan...there is no argument from me there. I agree with you about the challenge though, digital does make it easier, so do programs like Photoshop or Lightroom etc...
    But with that being said, one still has to have an eye for composition, get the exposure right. Challenging or not this is truly gorgeous :)

  2. a.h.lex says:

    Well, Ilan, nature photography could be easy with our digital equipment. But a good composition, a good light a just crazy or amazing scenery isn't everywhere. and only digital technic is not able to bring us these details of a shot.

    Your photo of a nature scenery is a classic one in my opinion. And there haven't to be animals or something else. But there could be something more to make it like a photograph by anselm adams, isn't it so? However, i like your well composed shot of a friendly scene in our nature with a wonderful light.

  3. yz says:

    beautiful lights and great mood

  4. Tosin says:

    So golden. Superb Composition!

  5. Slimeface says:

    Hey Ilan, I agree with the top two comments, but I have seen a lot of bad nature shots as well. :)

    I believe this niche is much tougher than it ever was but the cream will still rise to the top! :)

  6. Kamal says:

    cool. i thought you're good in street. seems like you're pretty good at everything. haha. i'd frame that and hang it on the wall if i were you. =P

  7. Ken says:

    Ilan, my friend, always something to provoke thought. Nature shots are like flower shots to me..sometimes boring and not hard to capture. Oh a drop of rain on a leaf! ya know...I try to do a mixture of everything and put a twist on I did in my posting today...just to make the viewer glad they stopped by...and for me I am glad.. Oh and I like how you captured that family of deer hiding behind the trees! *snark*


  8. Celine says:

    Very beautiful contrejour ! Amazing tones !

  9. Glenn says:

    Ilan, if you were just walking along and looked up, pointed your camera and took this without thinking, then you got lucky and got a good shot. But if you took the time to look, see what you wanted to capture, checked the exposure, framed and fired, then you got an excellant image because you worked for it.

    Yeah, with digital it is easier but in order to capture a photo like this without working for it, you would either have to get lucky on your first try or shoot a lot of frames before you got this one; maybe. There is a difference.

    I like to think you made the difference and not the camera :-)

  10. Jerome says:

    The same thing you describe makes it extremely difficult, for one particular reason, it's hard to be original with it. Although your shot does look good, I mean no disrespect when I say that anyone at that spot with a digicam could have done the same.
    As the others have pointed out, there's more work involved in looking for composition and originality. But hey don't look at my landscape, they're terrible

  11. Navin Harish says:

    Amazing shot. Great colours

  12. Marcie says:

    Such exquisite color and light. Beautiful!!!

  13. jpla says:

    Ces couleurs dorées me plaisent ! Bonne soirée.

  14. Anonymous

    very beautiful sunset

  15. Liang says:

    wow, gold! full of beauty displayed on this silhouette shot ilan! =]

  16. Francesco Gallarotti says:

    Ouch... it hurts what you just said...
    Sure it's easy to take a pretty picture of a sunsett, but I could write an essay about the challenges of this kind of photography... This is not the place to do that, nor I have the time to do that now. Let me just say that you need to find the right locations, scout them before to find the right spots and then wait for the right weather and time.
    I am going to give you one single link that shows what an amazing nature picture really is:
    Nothing else to add for now...

  17. João André Farinha says:

    I could disagree more Ilan! Basically what you are saying is that to be a good photographer all it takes is a good technical knowlegde. Forget about vision, and beeing able to see what no one else sees, if you can press the buttons on your camera your're a great photographer? Of course street photographers have differend challenges, one of them beeing a sometimes very short window of oportunity. But that doesn't mean landscape photography is easy, or even easier. I think I can expose a landscape properly, but never in my life I'll come even close to the level of Ansel Adams.

  18. LightningPaul says:

    Very nice one! Great color(s)

  19. ixbé says:

    Superbes lumière et couleurs!

  20. Anna says:

    Ilan thanks for sharing your info, the title of this post just goes so well with your photograph, I really like it. Anna :)

  21. Jim says:

    This gives me a peaceful if I've hiked all day and can enjoy a great sunset. Wonderful.

  22. Ivar says:

    Beautiful, no doubt about it... and its not only animals that can make it challenging, sun and light can be challenging at times too.

  23. Franck says:

    It's a original composition (and good). The Sun in the center is interesting, but I especially like the warm shades of color at the bottom of the photo.

  24. jo says:

    Looks like you pressed a sore button with the nature photographers! I think in any genre, it's not so hard to take good photographs. But great photographs, that's another story and takes a special beast. Ansel, yes, I agree is one of them.

  25. Benz says:

    Great shot and an interesting debate. When it comes to sunsets I think a little luck doesn't hurt. Failing that post processing can make a standard shot really stand out.

  26. beanow says:

    Oh! Super image...wonderful framing, colours, mood and...all.

  27. Dustin says:

    I have never taken a decent nature shot in my life. I find it very difficult to do. For me there has to be concrete and steel or I just can't see a shot.

    I like this one. It's very soothing.

  28. Robert Kruh says:

    Wonderful composition and great sunny background! Congrats and good day :)

  29. Fritsch says:

    What a peaceful feeling. Soothing, Ilan. That's great & I'm thankful! All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  30. Pere Chuliá says:

    Bonito contraluz. Me gusta la forma en que la luz cálida del sol recorta la figura de los árboles. Buen trabajo. Saludos.

  31. Ida says:

    It does looks good Iian, no doubt about it ;)
    BRAVO~ :)

  32. elaine says:

    this si beautiful indeed but i wouldn't say that anyone could shot a nature photo with ease! Come on, you need to think, feel and create on the spot...:)

  33. Nicolas says:

    Interesting thinks about digital photography Ilan. (and great picture) I think nowadays tha t photography must be think in serie, for story telling.

  34. nkphoto says:

    As you say this kind of picture is is often hard to take. Your one is very nice and warm colors are very attractive. Thanks also for the link to A Adams.

  35. flo g says:

    belles teintes orangées.. pour moi peut-être un peu trop contrastée, mais ça n'est surement pas facile à doser avec un contre jour aussi fort !

  36. Abhijit says:

    Beautiful golden light captured in the background!

  37. Greg Brave says:

    Your photo is nice, it creates a certain mood, I could almost say that there is too much of dark areas in the photo but tiny specs of golden light here and there dissipate that darkness so well...
    I can't agree with you on your thoughts about nature photography. I could write a long article about that, but in short - in my opinion only person who loves nature can make beautiful photos of it, and even then there is a long way of acquiring experience. Sure in the digital age some people can just make thousands of photos a day, and sometimes statistically they will get lucky but thats it.

  38. says:

    Utterly beautifull capture !

  39. Andor Marton says:

    I'm not a scenery photographer, so it's hard to give an answer. I think there is always something challenging in every kind of photography, to push the limits further, to do better and better shots, to photograph the unseen. And to achieve it you need to have passion and a "photographic" eye for it, without that you have no chance.
    However a nice shot with a special mood.

  40. Yashar says:

    nice shot..

  41. Andrei Barbu says:

    Amazing light and colors! Beautiful sunset! Great work!

  42. mononeil says:

    It's all about composition and using the light. That's the difference between Pro and the point&shoot photographer me thinks. Oh yes nice one Ilan

  43. Yashar says:

    Superb Composition.
    really beautiful.

  44. Anna says:

    Ilan hope all is well with you? Just dropping in to say hello.
    Anna :)

  45. foto-rolero54 says:

    Very beautiful composition and the respect of the colors, superb!

  46. Nathan Ciurzynski says:

    Beautiful! Great detail in the background.

  47. Brian H. says:

    This could be looked at in many different ways. It could be the calm before a blazing fire burns the trees down. But thankfully it wasn't that. Great image.

  48. Omar says:

    wow, amazing scenery. warm and friendly

  49. jelb says:

    an amazing composition..Beautiful lightness..Bravo!

  50. Darrienne says:

    You make it lok so easy - but it isn't!

  51. foto-rolero54 says:

    Great capture, successful, I like

  52. Valérie says:

    Très joli ! Le ciel semble littéralement en fusion ... Belle ambiance ! Bravooo :-)

  53. Laura Abigail says:

    Love how the light shines trough, great shot with beautiful colours!

  54. Andrey Samolinov says:

    Great picture!!!
    Light and colors are wonderful

  55. namaki says:

    Fire in the sky !!!!

  56. elaine says:

    Where have you disappeared???

  57. Anonymous

    Hej Ilan
    how are u?
    a long time without to hear nothing about u.
    The nature is wonderful

  58. Esmeralda says:

    ha ha ha, you are just right, just within days learning digital photography, I can take good photo if it is about natural photograph, but when I try to shoot event or friend's party, oh my god it was so bad...

  59. Corporate Studio Photography says:

    great always being outdoors. nice shot.

  60. Singapore Studio Photography says:

    Makes for a good fine art print.

  61. Corporate Photographer says:

    Locale is important as well. It is considerably harder to find good landscape locations where I am, Singapore. So even with everyone using digital cameras, skill, hardwork and technique still plays a major role.

  62. bim says:

    stunning shot sir.

  63. says:

    This photo is breathtaking. Absolutely phenomenal.

  64. me says:

    Nature's first green is gold,
    Her hardest hue to hold.
    Her early leaf's a flower;
    But only so an hour.
    Then leaf subsides to leaf.
    So Eden sank to grief,
    So dawn goes down to day.
    Nothing gold can stay.

    ('Nothing gold can stay'/ Robert Frost)

  65. Jasper says:

    Nice shot! Beautiful foreground silhoutte and a nice layered background.

  66. Abhijit Dharmadhikari says:

    I could feel the warmth!

  67. Glen Webber says:

    Hi Ilan.

    This is a great shot. Doesn't matter how you got the photo, this result speaks for itself. Beautiful.


  68. Nestor Antonio says:

    Lovely, just a simple word for such a beautiful image.

  69. Klaus says:

    Great mood Ilan ... and of course .. next time i give you a sign ;-)

  70. Bim says:

    Hi mate. This is awesome. I know what you mean about scenic photography that we dive into. I've just come back from the lake district.. I think I got some pretty good shots from the weekend but to be honest, every shot I took came out good.

  71. Susan says: the gold tones and just a fantastic shot!

  72. Anne says:

    how beautiful

  73. Radel says:

    This one caught my eye immediately. very soothing!

  74. Kerri says:

    A really beautiful image! I agree with slimeface though - I've seen some really bad "nature shots" .... and I've taken most of those :)

  75. Øyvind Buljo says:


    Nice shot, relaxing to watch. I see this isn't what you normally photograph, and I guess you find it more challenging to photograph people. If you're a nature photographer, you love being out there, waiting for the right conditions for that special shot, photographing what you love. Getting that special shot you've visualized in your mind is very challenging, you can't just go out there and grab it, you have to work for it. I guess it's the same for all photographers, just going out, point and shot won't give you anything great :)


  76. KC Photog Blog says:

    another brilliant shot.


  77. London Wedding Photographer D Sherjan says:

    We love this capture Ilan, great work :O)


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