Long Week

Posted on Nov 18, 2009 - 55 comments -

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I won't muse about photography today. Today, it's all about the photobloggers.

For the last three weeks or so I was buried in work and college studies*. It's not easy to feel so disconnected - No Twitter, Facebook, Blog... oh, and that new kid in town - Google Wave.
So my only 'solace' was my RSS list - It doesn't expect an immediate response and I can go through my list every time I got few spare seconds. There are about 140 (magical number?) RSS feeds on my list and 90 of these are photoblogs.

I usually don't go over the photoblogs as I keep the feeds unread till I can comment the photos I enjoy. I left the photoblogs list untouched for two weeks. When I checked it during last weekend, I was sure something broke in my Google Reader counter - More than 1700 new posts. From 90 blogs. In 14 days. That's about 1.34 photos a day from each blog*!

I guess I'm in minority but I don't think photobloggers should post on daily basis. Even 'regular' bloggers find it hard to keep up with a high quality posts and many of the daily blogs are ran by more than one author.
But photography? Photo a day? I mean, even that guy said -
"Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop" - Ansal Adam
- And that surely makes me feel 'cheap' knowing that I've uploaded 52 photos a year (I got a weekly blog, yes?). But daily? I know some photographers upload their past works (most of my uploads are photos from the last 6 years) but some... How much quality works can one expect from a '365 project'?

The fact that we live in a digital world when there might be only few seconds from the shutter release to uploading new post shouldn't cloud our judgment when we chose a photo for our blog. Knowing to chose the best frame from hundreds of others might be even more important than having a great 'eye' for photography.

Plus, I really believe that each -selected- photo should get it's respect. Let the photo shine on your main page for more than few hours, let as many people possible to enjoy it and not getting lost in your archives. We, photobloggers, can't really generate that many keywords that will 'lure' new visitors from search engines. All we got to excel in, are our works.

Wow. For a photoblogger I sure blab too much*. Again.

Oh. And I'm featured in 'Artist Watch'! Thank you Lethe (@escapeintolife)!

* See how the photo fits here? :)

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  1. a.h.lex says:

    i totaly agree to you, and i think that i am also 'cheap' , when i post circa 100 post this year. okay, this could be a result by the fast life of our century, but it would be better to live a slow life in photoblogs, because we have to enjoy our photos. So let's start a "max. 24 photos a year blog". I will do this in 2010.

  2. Kamal says:

    very nice portrait. i love the light. excellent choice of b/w. regarding your views, well, analog users sure have to wait a bit more though. it won't be a few seconds from shooting to uploading. hehe. =)

  3. rhys says:

    I am guilty of the one-a-day addiction, although I never really post at weekends. I have tried blogging just 3 times a week and every so often I'll stop altogether for a while. I guess I'm just Desperate Fanatic. I accept the fact that some images dont work, that some should probably not have even made it into the blogosphere, but thats all part of the fun. My name is Rhys and I'm a blogaholic.
    PS. I like the image, its got a great 'end of the day' feel to it, so it sums up my emotions perfectly at this moment in time.

  4. Joaquin says:

    This photo is beautiful, but your words about uploading photos every day is really interesting. I agree with you. It is impossible to show a fantastic photo everyday, so probably we are increasing the size of our photoblogs with bad stuff and I'm sure that we should enjoy more time our photos in the first page of our photoblogs.

    Congratulations for your words!

  5. pando says:

    Beautiful soft light and great composition.
    As usual, your picture tells a story.

    (You're absolutely right, Ilan ;)

  6. Jeroen Berkenbosch says:

    I completely agree Ilan. I never quite understood those 356-projects. Most of them are crap anyway (there are exceptions of course).

    Lovely composition, texture and light on your photo!

  7. Asaf Karagila says:

    It's strange that you say that.

    I follow about five active blogs, yours and Mike's and another few that I found here and there.
    The active blogs (daily and sometimes even more) are the film oriented blogs. Mine, Mike's another one in my blogroll (hymn for cigarettes, I think is the title)

    The other blogs, the digital ones are updated in relatively long intervals.

    I think that it might be that in digital when you take many photos and then screen them through and through while in film, I know it's the case for me and I think it's the same for other people as well - the screening process is a before the actual click.
    I don't recall a situation where I took more than two photos of the same object "just to get it right", I tried to get it right in one click, maybe two if I had to, and if I didn't get it right I'll go home and see what I got wrong so the next time -- I'll get it right in one click.

    So in a way, I develop a 120 roll and find about 6-10 photos that I like out of 12, and a 135 roll to usually find 20-30 photos that I like.

    My blog tells a story, about me. I'm not a photographer per se. I'm a hobbyist that tries to tell the story of his life in photos. So yeah, a good photo per month is a wonderful thing, but in a way... I'm aiming to a different target here - the good photo is just a bonus.


  8. Rob says:

    I'm guilty of posting a photo a day because I'm doing one of those crap 365 projects. I don't expect quality every post since it's more about trying to learn how to take better photography by actually doing it. Committing too taking a photo every day for a full year and writing about it has been invaluable for me but apparently is annoying for some.

    The nice thing is...people don't have to follow it. I'm a better photographer for doing it and only have 44 days left so wouldn't change a thing.

  9. Ken says:

    I do believe you "mused" a bit :)

    I post a photo a day and find if I prepare ahead of time, it isn't a big hassle and feel that if I only posted 3X a week, then at the end of the year I would have left over images no one saw. Does my work suffer from a daily dose? I dont know. I never try to take two pictures of the same place and sometimes have to chose between dozens of shots to post just one. To each his own, yes?

    Have a great day Ilan!

  10. Glenn says:

    First, I really like this image, it's great for the subject in discussion :-)

    It might depend on the purpose for the photoblog and maybe, in my case, it shouldn't be considered a photoblog. Let me explain.

    The purpose of my blog is to show what life is like where I live, whether in the city or in the countryside, and I do that with my photography. I do a Weekly B&W post, which I consider my "artsy/fartsy" one, another within the context of "A View From Western Maryland" and another based on "Road Trip Photography". Each of these have a different meaning but they are all photographic based.

    I usually mention the type of camera used, how I got the shot or what I was thinking and how I finished off the photo in Photoshop Elements.

    So, my blog is sort of a photo travel blog that uses my photos, which I want to exibit, to show the world wherein I live. With this in mind I, then, usually have 2 to 3 post a week, each with a different photo; some are past photos and many are recent. And most of the time I will use Twitter several times a week for each post to try to give maximum exposure.

    I know this was a long post but I just wanted to make the point that each person, with their photoblog, has differing reasons for having one, and that would determine how many post or photos they would put up in a weeks time.

    So, if one considers a photoblog to be a "artsy" thing then mine isn't. But if it is a place to display ones photos, for what ever reason, then mine is a photoblog.

    The thing is, as you can tell, I also like to write and some of my blogs are rather lengthy ones in that I may have a story behind the photo on display.

    Boy, talk about being a mouth photoblogger, I may win out on that one. :-) But thanks, Ilan, for the opportunity to express my opinion. And thanks for the challanges you send my way with your photography, really appreciate it :-)

  11. sylvia says:

    I agree. There is no way I can post a new shot everyday. Well I could...I have 50 GBs of unsorted unprossed shots from the last two months alone, but....why? I prefer to mostly just post may favorites or best ones. And I too get overwhelmed trying to respond to everything that is in my inbox, especially if I'm busy for a while. Thanks for saying it.

  12. David says:

    With 35mm film I as getting about one usable shot on a roll of 36. I would get more out of a roll if it was a specific shoot, but for general hunting around for a shot - one decent shot on a roll.

    With digital, it has gone way up - maybe a 100% increase :-D

    Seriously, digital gives such a quick turnaround from shooting to seeing the result, that I think a dedicated shooter would probably be able to get a usable shot every day if he/she could keep up the pace.

  13. Tatiana says:

    bon cadrage !

  14. Jerome says:

    I agree with most of what you said, but there is a reason my own photoblog is a daily one. I feel that "forcing" myself to go out everyday, hunt for pictures, try and think about pictures will eventually make me a better photographer. Admittedly, the overall quality is not superb, but I believe there is quality at the end of quantity (or lots of practice)

  15. Eugene says:

    You bring up an excellent argument.

    For the last three years or so on my photoblog, I posted every single day. I think I got into a routine, and I would try to post one photo every night before heading to bed. One reason I kept on going? It's because it gave me something to do, but also because my readers/viewers could expect to see something new the next day.

    I think that's important: getting into a routine. Whether you post daily or once a week, the audience should be aware of your posting habits. Because if they can't figure it out, they'll move on somewhere else.

    I posted on my photoblog every single day for 1,000 days in a row (I did a collage for my 1000th post: http://elbelbelb2000.blogtog.com/archives/6297_1579073640/320081). But after I hit that milestone, I thought: "What's next?" I don't think I can keep going.

    But I did. I posted entry number 1,001 the very next day...

    Still, over the last few months, I've reconsidered. You bring up a great point about getting a quality image to be on the home page for some time before it's moved on to the archives. With that in mind, I explained to my readers that I will most likely post only three to four images per week, and that's what I am trying to do now.

    I have great respect for those who can (and do) post on every day and can upload quality stuff daily. But I also understand those who post semi-regularly. It all comes down to your own habis and how you want your readers to perceive your posts. After all, we're posting for ourselves, but I think we want to connect with our audience, right?

    I'll probably chime in with more thoughts in a future post.

    I am curious: am I on your Google Reader list? If not, I'd love to be added: http://elbelbelb2000.blogtog.com

  16. jpla says:

    Super cadrage ! Bonne journée.

  17. NJ & SB Photography says:

    Renovar todos los días yo ni me lo planteo,subo un par de fotos a la semana y visito los photoblogs que me gustan tambien dos veces por semana, más o menos, comentar en todos es imposible, asi que aleatoriamente y en la foto que más llama mi atención, dejo de vez en cuando un comentario.
    Esta foto tuya me ha gustado, la luz es preciosa!!
    saludos Ilan

  18. bluechameleon says:

    This is such a beautiful portrait! Love the expression of her body language which is very sensual, and how the teddy bear makes it feel so innocent. Lovely.

    I was guilty at first, trying to post a photo a day, but after awhile I realized that it just wasn't possible for many reasons. The quality first and foremost, but also the space required to store all that data! I try to post 3 photos a week, and sometimes that is difficult.

    Excellent post Ilan, and food for thought!

  19. daina says:

    A blog is not a gallery site where one exhibits the best of the best one has, it is a blog. Some have good photos to post daily and some have mediocre photos posted once a week. Sites like electrolite for example, post almost daily with consistently beautiful work (there are many others) and then there are those that post rarely with nothing much to show or vice versa.

    To recommend one’s preference I find a bit self serving. That some of the posters use the word guilty in doing other than what you recommend I find really odd. And if I understand you correctly you are saying that you only post good photos unlike some who post daily?

    Let every photo shine? If it is a good photo it will shine regardless if it is posted for one day or two weeks. Leaving a not so great photo up for a month won’t make it any better. I have stopped commenting on blogs for several reason time being one of them, but somehow I felt I needed to put in my 2c. on this issue and to say that your photo is a lovely and expressive B/W...

  20. beanow says:

    Such and very expressive portrait. Sexy a bit :)

  21. pippone says:

    clear and true words and a very nice photo btw !

  22. Mahbubur Rahman says:

    Very nice light here - expresses your long busy week very nicely and clearly - job well done :)

    I would have to disagree with you on your thoughts about photobloging. But - at the same time agree with your thought in general. Its just that I don't think your thoughts apply to photoblogging, but it applies more to a 'portfolio' site. People should not display every picture they have taken - being self-critical is a very important characteristic in a photographer. On the other hand, photobloging is about blogging - its about expressing and putting yourself out there - I'm not sure I would expect every picture in a photoblog to be awesome, but I would expect to get a sense of who they are. The notion that you put (which I do agree with) belongs in a 'portfolio' gallery type website, where only the best works are displayed. Ansel Adams probably hangs a handful of pictures at an exhibition, but I would say that he hangs a lot more in his studio. If I walked into an exhibition, I would get a very good sense of his skills and get the best of his pictures, but if I walked into his studio, I presume to get more of who he is as a person, and the latter is what photobloging is all about.

    Of course, it all depends on in the end what the person wants to use the photoblog to accomplish....:)

  23. Nicki says:

    True words, but this is a subjectively opinion. I post pictures after shooting, sometimes more, sometimes less. As the name says: It's a blog, not a folio, right?

  24. Marcie says:

    Love the emotion you've captured here. And - as for one-photo-a-day - I think it depends on what the photoblogger's intent and goals are. It can be both freeing and a wonderful practice to let go of needing to post a perfect picture...and just post for the discipline of posting.

  25. Anna says:

    Oh you are so right about posting daily. You know its about quality and not quantity. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and hope all is well. I got google wave, still trying to figure out what I can use it for, lol. Anna :)

  26. Xavi Heredia says:

    Hi Illan, you have captured a nice relaxing moment in this photo. Regarding the 365phots/year discipline, I agree that it is a personal matter: each photographer is the boss of its own photoblog, and not all the people are in this activity for the same reasons. Regarding my personal motivations, I'm not interested in keeping a given "mean rate" of posts, I try to upload pictures only if I am satisfied with its quality and message. It's a matter of respect for my photographs and for photography in general. But, I repeat, this is just the way I feel in front of my photographs, and every other personal approach is equally respectable. Best regards.

  27. Jono says:

    just found ur blog, Nice words. I also agree. Photography is about quality not qauntity. It should be at least. Though having only one image per post is not always the best. Having a serious of photos that together tell a story is also good.

    Anyway, i will be following.


  28. Annephotography says:

    Your pic is very sensual and the b/w is perfect here !! I really like what you say .... totally agree with you !!!

  29. Pere Chuliá says:

    Hay fotografías que se comentan por cortesía y hay otros casos en los que se hace por el placer de hablar sobre algo extremadamente hermoso. Tu foto pertenece al segundo grupo. Todo un lujo para la vista y los sentidos. Un gran trabajo.

  30. Liang says:

    i love the mood portrayed here ilan! the bw adds a lot of great touch to the shot, very emotional as well.

  31. Shelley says:

    Great photo!

  32. Doum says:

    You always blah too much... Sure it't always interesting! Daily's photo only possible for students... I think. Very like your statistic study. Then your picture is a perfect reflection of the exhaustion. Bonne semaine.

  33. Firdaus Mahadi says:

    Really nice moment!

  34. elaine says:

    Hey! a nice moment to muse on your thoughts in this photo! I do agree with you on the photo a day issue! it is impossible to keepu up the pace unless you post photos you are less interested in..or at least that is how i feel!!!
    Anyway, congrats for your 'artist watch" feature! well done again :)

  35. Jeaux says:

    Tender light, poignant gesture, great dynamic range. Little bear seems to commiserate.

    Locking in to posting daily would be arbitrary and mechanical for me, though some seem to thrive on the discipline.

  36. aleksarus says:

    Good post, a burning issue. I do not understand how you can post and every day the photo, I do not have as many frames that I am not ashamed to show! Plus, I have no time for it, and yet still have a bunch of RSS blogs where you want to comment on. And about 12 pictures a year, a very good phrase!
    Photos are in the theme ;)

  37. navin harish says:

    First of all, a very nice shot. It is nice to hear how you feel. Personally I believe in posting more often, I have been posting one picture a day for quite a long time, then the frequency dropped and I post about 3 pics a week. ALl my work is recent (more recent than 6 years). Maybe the quality of my shots is not as good as some others...

  38. Anonymous

    I think you're missing the point of many photoblogs. I keep one of those "crap 365" blogs, and by no means do I consider each image I post to be gallery worthy. But I am just starting out as a photographer, and I undertook this effort to improve my composition. Knowing in the back of my head that I should get a picture each day helped me start looking at the world differently, looking for that perfect light or seeing from a new perspective. For me, my blog is an experiment. There have been times I posted pictures that I hated just to document my growth and remember what I learned from that failure. Overall, I've found 365 to be a fun and invaluable experience.

    In the coming year, I will be more selective in the pictures I post (no longer daily), and I'll attempt a more serious photoblog where I only display my greatest images. But I think I'll keep a 365 running in the background, just to push myself when I get stuck in those creative ruts, to experiment, and to not take myself too seriously.


  39. Robert Kruh says:

    Wonderful black and white shot, very creative! Great work :)

  40. nurhame says:

    very nice photo

  41. Ivar says:

    Great shot, really like the pose along with the light.

  42. Paul R. Giunta says:

    While I have not done one myself, I have to assume that people participating in a '365' are doing it more as a method of improving themselves through immersion in the field as opposed to a means of publishing high quality content. Of course when forced to publish daily the quality may suffer, but I do not feel that is the point of a project like this.

  43. Raul says:

    I like the scene, natural and everyday.


  44. Bim says:

    Great photo sir. It is hard to keep up with all the photoblogs - let alone the other blogs I keep up with. The design, web design stuff. I have currently 18 photoblog rss feeds. I don't have time for more than even about 30. It's quite time consuming - good for inspiration because there are so many different styles of photography out there.

  45. nkphoto says:

    Who's the principal character in this picture? I really like how we can't make a choice between both of them. And as many people said before, light, B&W process and compo are very nice.

  46. flo g says:

    grande douceur pour ce noir et blanc.. et bravo pour la composition

  47. Jason St. Peter says:

    Ilan I love this photo! I am one that tends to post on the more frequent side. I think short snippets keep viewers engaged and wanting to come back to see more. If they come back and there is nothing new you could lose them. While I would love to post a new photo everyday I can't seem to acomplish that but I do see myself visting those blogs that are updated more frequently more often then those on a unregular basis.

  48. Cristi Popescu says:

    I agree with you, is very difficult to be so good and have so much time that will show you a picture every day. I prefer that everything I post to mean something to me and those who watch.

  49. tom says:

    I think every photoblogger must find his own way. Whether he or she blogs one photo per day, one per week or whatsoever. Personally, I try to post as often as I can, but only pictures which I like myself.

    Btw, a very expressive B&W. I like the composition.

  50. LightningPaul says:

    I agree with you about daily blogs. I used to do it and it is hard to keep the quality high. In the beginning I didn't do much processing but since a year ago I do that more and more. So it takes me more time to prepare an image. Since then I decided:
    - I post only every two days (so that's still trying to make 150 good pics a year)
    - If I miss a day, it's not a disaster

    Still, it's hard to keep up the quality. Also I learned to speed up post processing.

  51. The Factory says:

    Excellent image, with a good title, a feeling of a long day. The B&W processing is very good, mild in the circumstance.
    I'm not sure I like the teddy, a bit disturbing, maybe.

  52. Marcelo Aurelio says:

    Beautiful light and great composition!

  53. shaker says:

    Obviously, one of the twelves

  54. Benz says:

    Great Shot. I love the expression it conveys the emotion so well. We have all had one of those days. What a debate you have started. Food for thought indeed.

    I find I Photoblog more in the Winter as I spend more time Photoshopping archive shots in the long dark evenings. It makes the blog more Eclectic. In the Summer I'm out taking new stuff but I might only post once a week. I like to use a new processing technique for each post and write about it. This make regular posting tougher.

    I have seen one or two 365's which have really impressed me but I like you idea about giving each photo respect. It all comes down to why you are posting.

  55. focusfinder says:

    A moment, a mood: window light well observed, carefully captured, neatly composed. Good stuff thanks Ilan.

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