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I know, I know. Flowers!

So many times I wrote on this blog how much I dislike 'Flickr's Explore kind of photos' and here I am posting one.

There is a perfectly good explanation for this, I swear!
First of all, it's been almost three months since I took my last photo and I got kind of rusty, but even more important - These flowers are the final touch in my new apartment. That's it, I'm done.
All in place, sitting on the couch, legs resting on the table, watching my big screen TV and these flowers were given to me by my new neighbors as a welcoming gift. Life is good.

Of course, that raises an interesting issue - How much are we affected by the feeling the photo raises in us when it was taken, when we come to test the result?
Photo (any other piece of art) suppose to reveal artists' inner world. But if the world is represented by something so mundane and cliche like bouquet of flowers? Or maybe the story behind this is just an excuse for me to upload such a ... bad(?)... photo?

To other matters - This weeks' favorite blog is of a very talented photographer that goes by the name - Francesco Gallarotti (or @gallarotti on Twitter). When looking at his photos, you must read his posts as well. Will always makes you think. And feel inspired. Plus - You can always enjoy his online photo magazine - Green Tea Gallery

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  1. bluechameleon says:

    Well..I'd say this is the perfect finishing touch :) The fact that it's a gift from your neighbor makes it all the more special.

    I love the simplicity of this shot, the brightness and colour and the way it instantly makes me feel happy. That is the key :)

    Congrats on your newly finished nice to hear you are enjoying life. Cheers to you!

  2. a.h.lex says:

    your interpretation of a "flower-shot" is like another example of how humans can shot a picture of flowers. But your way of doing this is fantastic!

    I love the strong contrast between the white background and the lovely soft red tones of the gerbera (so are this flowers called in germany).

    Thanks for this wonderful photo!

  3. Ken says:

    Flowers are my least favorite of subjects. I have stated that fact somewhere.. In all my 211 photos I only have 10 flower images and I try to present them in an interesting way, but I feel there are just only so many angles a flower can pose in. I like your expanse choice of white space here and the freshness of the scene, though I think when they die and you throw them out you should get a shot of that as well!


  4. Simon Hucko says:

    Explore is always a strange thing for me - some of the photos on there frankly aren't that good, and some definitely deserve to be there. it also seems like once someone gets explored, they are much more likely to keep getting explored. hard to break into it.

    i like your use of negative space. my only gripe here is that it's slightly too large for me to fit the full frame in my browser. nicely done, and congrats on finishing with the new apartment. moving is always such a hassle

  5. Rob says:

    I've certainly been guilty of taking flower photos but for me it was more about the fact they are easy subjects and I needed easy to learn how to light and compose. :)

    I'm a bit afraid to think that my photos reveal my inner world. I don't think I'm dark and moody but that's what does seem to visually appeal to me to is what comes out in my photography. I guess it would be interesting to hear what my photos reveal about me to others.

    Once again a thought provoking post...keep up the good work. :)

  6. Kamal says:

    I'd really love to have this picture hanged on my bedroom wall. very interesting composition anyway. =) Great.

  7. Anna says:

    Ilan, in fact this one of the best photos of flowers I ever seen. Since I have wide screen I been waiting for it for a while, and finally I decided to scroll down, ohh just a white space, lol. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, glad all is well. Anna :)

  8. Xavi Heredia says:

    Then... you dislike flower photography.... mmmm... so you better don't visit my photoblog, hahaha!

  9. Pere Chuliá says:

    Sencilla y preciosa. Me gusta mucho la composición.

  10. TIM TOPPLE says:

    for flowers, this is great! My fave composition technique, and when you reveal the story it kind of justifies the subject matter (go on, submit to Flickr Explore!). And thanks for another great link of the week. tt

  11. cara says:

    I love the flowers!!! ;-)
    Interesting framing on the shot. Would look very cool in an Ikea room, don't you think.
    Glad you're settled in your place and have such friendly neighbors.

  12. Andrei Barbu says:

    very original and very well composed, beautiful and simple. Excellent image with great contrast and colors!

  13. Elaine- says:

    it's NOT a bad photo, it's very pretty and cheery, and it comes from a cheery thing in your life, and so i LIKE IT...

  14. wedealindreams says:

    Since forever we learn about the rule of thirds and how we frame our shots but its not until that time that we learn about them codes and conventions that we can break free and go against that.
    This photo has broke free of that. It doesn't feel awkward or strange. The white of the background isn't just white is seems the glow from the reds and the greens from the flowers.
    Brilliant photo Ilan.

  15. Donna Boucher says:

    I totally love that composition! And that white back ground rocks!

  16. Jon Rieley-Goddard says:

    I have appreciated that you give extended text with your photos. I also was challenged and help by your comment on the pic that you posted from Barcelona of the tree leaves against the sky (you pointed out that the pic could have been taken anywhere). This photo of the flowers is good in itself and becomes a blessing when you add the story of who and how and why.

  17. Francesco Gallarotti says:

    Oh wow... I love the use of negative space here. I think you are onto something... have you tried rotating it by 180 degrees? I think it would be even more of a statement, don't you think?

    Thank you so much for your kind words my friend. They come in a day which sees one of my biggest dreams evaporate into a cloud of smoke, so they are even more welcomed. I hope your readers will enjoy my photoblog and, most importantly, the Green Tea Gallery Magazine

  18. Amit Basu says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

  19. Fritsch says:

    Treat them good & they will cheer you up. Beautiful frame, Ilan. Beautiful minimalistic picture! The less we see, the more they tell. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  20. Luis A. De Jesus R. says:

    Wow, didn't think those flowers were real Clever shot...

  21. Marcie says:

    Wonderful color..perfect simplicity..very uplifting and cheery. No rules around what is 'art'. It is anything we want it to be!!!

  22. lasiate says:

    comme un ikebana dans toute sa complexe simplicité

  23. Anne says:

    haha, but they are graphic and the tones are nice.

  24. Geir says:

    Say what you will about flower photos. This one is out of the ordinary. Be proud, man ;-)

  25. Liang says:

    I do like it Ian! the commentary is fantastic and the high key effect adds so much interest to the photo as well.

  26. Tammy-Cricket says:

    Sometimes it is just the simple things that inspire us. I think this is a beautiful flower photograph. Love the white!

  27. Oeilonirique says:

    Nice deco picture, simple and effectfull

  28. Aly Hazzaa says:

    i have one question, i have a photoblog and i want to add the photoblog awards badge on my blog can you tell me how to do it
    thanks in advance.
    nice blog by the way =)

  29. Doum says:

    Not only flower; it’s important especial photography technique that keeps the photographer far away from point and shoot. At the level of realization it not bad result. Bravo.

  30. navin says:

    Nice site

  31. enoxisureka

    Beautiful capture. Simplicity and purity of the shot makes you want to keep looking and keep admiring it's beauty.

  32. Ale says:

    I like the white space on the flowers...It seems perfect to be filled by every observers' immagination...Great shot!

  33. NJ & SB Photography says:

    me gusta Ilan, una foto con flores diferente!!

  34. Pfeif says:

    Fantastically simple, and contrast in colours is very powerful!

  35. Andor Marton says:

    Just perfect ... very simple, but perfect.
    The nature can create some beautiful things. I like flowers ... and apparently your neighbor too ;)

  36. nathan says:

    great composition, really like all the negative space at the top.

  37. Aurore says:

    très belle compo!

  38. Albu Mihai says:

    Excellent shot ! I love the framing and chromatic ! greets

  39. nissou* says:

    love the simplicity and the framing of this one!

  40. professional photographers singapore says:

    I love the color contrast between the flower and the white background. Its very beautiful.

  41. Anthony says:

    The white background really makes the color of the flowers pop out even more.

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