Morning Ritual

Posted on Jul 20, 2009 - 66 comments -

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Needed sometime off. Not easy times at the moment.
Photo was taken during our last trip to Barcelona.

Women and their rituals, ah? :)

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  1. T and S says:

    Ilan - The selective lighting on your subject is truly spectacular. Fantastic portrait shot, WOW

  2. Doum says:

    I second the last visitor; the light was superb... I think in 2009, some men adopt similar ritual; just look beauty products for men... I glad your photoblogging return...

  3. Nicki says:

    Welcome back my friend - i like this natural shot! But you should know thats guys are also timekillers in the morning - stay tuned, have a nice day in israel (i will be in jerusalem for 2 weeks next winter :D)

  4. Tatiana says:

    Bel instantané !

  5. a.h.lex says:

    the play with light and shadow is still the interesting part of this shot - more interesting then the morning ritual of women, because a men is still in a morning ritual too.
    Wonderful shot of a basic ritual of humanity ilian!

  6. sil says:

    This is really wonderful, Ilan! Great portrait and great use of light!

  7. Javier Falcó says:

    Beautiful photo. Very well done.

  8. Anonymous

    I like the mood and the lighting

  9. beanow says:

    Very nice image :) Great mood, colours and light.

  10. ixbé says:

    Un instant parfaitement capté, excellente lumière!

  11. liang says:

    great shot, awesome lighting!

  12. Anonymous

    beautiful light, my morning ritual is meditation, ...

  13. yz says:

    fantastic light

  14. Xavi Heredia says:

    Great ambience here Ilan, the subtle lighting is really beautiful. And yes, we men, we also have rituals, of course!!

  15. Yashar says:

    I cant see any picture on your web site.. :(
    what sall i do ?

  16. pando says:

    This portrait is like a painting. Wonderful light. Great work!

  17. CraigM says:

    A super portrait with wonderful light as the others have said. Tinged with some sadness I suspect. It's good to see you back again though my friend :)

  18. Nicolas says:

    So great, I like the mood and the very smooth lights.

  19. mononeil says:

    Women and their rituals, I hear you mate.
    Welcome back.
    Wonderful use of natural window light.

  20. Fritsch says:

    "Do you think you'll be alright when it's 4 am / I know love hurts like hell again" (Greyhound Soul)
    You need a lot of music to get you through these tough weeks. It's a great picture, Ilan. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Thanks for lending your eyes. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  21. Craig Ferguson says:

    Great lighting, excellent portrait. Hope you're doing well.

  22. Ivar says:

    Elegant with awesome light. Very nice portrait.

  23. Pierre says:

    Oui et c'est en partie pour notre plus grand plaisirs.

  24. Mileta says:

    You really nailed the lighting here. Exactly what should be black is black and the rest defines the image really well. Looks like a great back-to-the-basics windowlight portrait. Great shot

  25. Soe says:

    Very cool use of available light.. I was talking about the lady.. :)

    Great shot!

  26. Connar O'Keeffe says:

    The natural light is amazing. 75-80% of this image is black and darkness yet it has a certain wonderfulness and brightness about it.
    Really good capture you have here.

  27. bluechameleon says:

    I know this ritual all too well. As a matter of fact it's rare that I (and many women I would imagine) leave the apartment to face the world before this takes place. How this came to be, I don't know....
    Amazing image Ilam. The light is outstanding, the way it outlines her arms and body emerged in darkness.

  28. Franck says:

    Really beautiful light !
    A very nice photography Ilian ...

  29. rhys says:

    this is good stuff, great chiaroscuro. superb.

  30. AB says:

    Great use of shadows, great subject — a perfect photo.

  31. Nathan says:

    Beautiful lighting!

  32. Elaine- says:

    lovely lighting, are you back from your break? hope everything is going better for you

  33. aleksarus says:

    I really like the pictures in the dark-key, there are some secret charm. This frame is very telling, excellent work!

  34. Tammy-Cricket-abrandnewday says:

    Fantastic image. The lighting is perfect on this. I hope life is getting easier for you.

    Hang in there.

  35. Ken says:

    You back from your trip?? Great light and play on portrait subject. The colors too make the whole image complete.

  36. enoxisureka says:

    Beautifully intimate lighting. You can tell it's a favourite subject!

  37. Andor Marton says:

    Oh yeah ... the typical daily routine.
    The lighting is superb, great picture.

  38. Kamal says:

    welcome back. although it has been like 2-3 weeks, it seemed forever waiting for you to update. anyway, great light. and i like that there are still details in the shadows. all the best!

  39. SD (Aspherical) says:

    I see this has been said plenty of times, but the fantastic lighting really makes the shot and transforms an ordinary every day kind of snapshot into a piece of art.

  40. Alex says:

    Mi mujer hace lo mismo, pero te aseguro que unas tres veces al dia, con lo guapa que es ella, pero como bien dices es un ritual.
    Buen retrato, saludos.

  41. Justin says:

    Magnificent portrait - you've got such a great eye!

  42. PixeLuz says:

    Glad to see you back again! What can I say more about this great lighting? Oh, yes, I like very much the various framings on the right side of the picture. They give a nice feeling of passage from night to day. Which also gives me the opportunity to wish you a rapid return to clear lights in your personal future.

  43. joshi daniel says:

    lovely title! the lighting is excellent here!

  44. One says:

    A fantastic portrait, great contrast and light !

  45. Snapshutter says:

    Perfect lighting.

  46. timtop says:

    your email address has i'll use this method to say - that was the most poetic comment anyone has said to me regarding a photo. Thank you.

  47. Jinksee says:

    Ah yes..all the things we do. :D But hey..what's not to love. This is a great shot..the shadow..the light..perfect. ;D

  48. Anna says:

    Hey Ilan the moment is spectacular, and you have captured the real ritual. Not sure if I would call that, lol, I rather be in the woods chasing birds at that time, lol. Anna :)

  49. Danne says:

    Ilan, the lighting is perfect.
    Great capture showing a woman getting "her face on".

  50. k@ says:

    This talks to all of us, girlzzz - bravo because if the low light is beautiful for the photo it's a hard job for the make-up :)

  51. Jon Rieley-Goddard says:

    I very much like the echo of the blues frm the left to the right.

  52. Mohammadreza says:

    great lighting ..

  53. Kevin says:

    Love the mood that you captured in this image. Simple lighting can be so effective!

  54. The Factory says:

    Hello Ilan,
    This portrait is superb, a woman in front of a window, classical. I like the black which fill most of the image, with only the essential, I mean, the gesture, remaining... This gives pure lines.
    I like the almost caricatural contrast on the arms, but, I think seeing a tiny part of the mirror in his hand makes sense and may add a layer to the image.

  55. kurt says:

    Beautiful light - a great image.

  56. Omar says:


  57. William Alexander López says:

    Great light, beautiful shot !

  58. knipsbuex says:

    I love this one - beautiful light. What does she think? "hello world, I'll be there for you in just one minute..." It's a very intimate situation - well done

  59. andy says:

    Wow love the natural light here! Great candid moment.

  60. Cristi Popescu says:

    Ooooo yes i like this shot. Great moment great capture.

  61. noisypilgrims says:

    great limited lighting...

  62. Sylvain says:

    Cool capture and perfect light !

  63. Ivy says:

    Awesome depiction - Picture perfect!

  64. puglyfeet says:

    Stunning!!!! Makes me think of Vermeer.

  65. François-Noël says:

    Un rituel certes mais... pour être plus belle ! alors ?

  66. Ben says:

    Fantastic lighting!

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