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More Barcelona. This was a lucky snapshot :)

Few notes - I would like to thank Ron (@rtd13) for including me on the 'Weekly Bzzzzz' (again!)

And, of course, wish a happy BBD (Blog-BirthDay) to Marc from Take-Out Photo!

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  1. Matt Sanderson says:

    Wow. I love it when that happens! When you're just about to squeeze the trigger... the light changes for the better, without having to change any settings!

  2. flo g says:

    un visage tournée vers la lumière, je la trouve très poétique.. bel arriere plan aussi..

  3. enoxisureka says:

    I always like the concept of photographing someone about to take a shot. A full circle moment. You've managed to capture the girl in a unique moment and it makes me want to know what *his* shot looks like. What *he* captured in his frame.

  4. wedealindreams says:

    This is brilliance. Lucky shot or not.
    I can;t explain it but its just seems brilliant how you've captured someone taking a picture. I suppose being a photographer you don;t normally see what other people see when its you taking the photo.
    I actually really enjoy this photo.

  5. david says:

    interesting: i love her pose.

  6. MiNe says:


  7. Rajesh says:

    Very interesting pose for taking the snap. Your timing is perfect.

  8. elaine says:

    the light here is splendid and i really enjoy this scene

  9. Joaquin says:

    This a beautiful composition, and the light of the center of the image is fanastic!

  10. richardhollins says:

    Great shot. She looks so pleased to be there. Very nicely composed too.

  11. Ronnie 2¢ says:

    It may be a snapshot to you but, if you had choreographed it for hours, I doubt you could have got the pose, positioning and the light any better. Snapshots rule !

  12. marc [shutterpixel.org] says:

    that's beautifuly captured ! Love how the light jsut seem to drop down on her face. I always like scenes where photographers get photographed.

  13. Anonymous

    great title and image

  14. bluechameleon says:

    I really like this composition. There is a nice flow of energy here, and the quality of light is very special. The open feel and space in the image makes it perfect!

  15. philzoc says:

    Belle idée ;-) la lumière est superbe !!

  16. sil says:

    Great capture! Like the light and the girl's pose

  17. liang says:

    haha! humorous shot here, caught it right at the heat of the moment. i like how you were able to capture a photograph of people taking each others photos lol.

  18. beanow says:

    LOL! Great capture.

  19. AB says:

    Another great shot. You seem to have a habit of getting lucky on the streets of Barcelona.

  20. Terry H. says:

    What is that girl doing! LOL! Well the question is is she being told to pose like that or is she doing it herself. Work it Work it Work it.

  21. Pere Chuliá says:

    Me gusta el momento que has captado y el tono general de la imagen. Muy acertado el colorido.

  22. Andy says:

    Love this shot of someone taking a photo of another person. Its interesting to see the pose the woman is doing for the photo!

  23. XaviH says:

    Oooh yes, there are plenty of japanese tourists in Barcelona, they are really in love of Antonio Gaudí. Nice capture Ilan, the attitude of the girl is lovely.

  24. Peter Knoop says:

    Funny candid. And yes, the light on her face is just perfect. Well captured!

  25. Carver says:

    What a cool shot. I love it.

  26. Jeff T says:

    Fantastic lighting, nice job catching this fleeting moment.

  27. Tammie Lee says:

    wonderful snapshot indeed!

  28. Ivar says:

    Very cool shot, just at the right time with great light too... nice

  29. Jon Rieley-Goddard says:

    I love to take double exposure photos like this. Her expression is intense. Very good. Re "lucky snaps"... the mind is capable of moving faster than the trigger finger, in setting up a shot on the run, so what we think is luck is actually motor skills!

  30. Luis says:

    Wow, it looks like strobes have been used, Am I right?

  31. jpla says:

    Va -t-elle tomber ? Bien vu ! Bonne journée.

  32. pando says:

    What a wonderful scene! Excellent work!

  33. francesco says:

    photographe qui fotographe le photographe... un thème très intrigant....

  34. Javier Falcó says:

    This picture may seem simple, but I think it has a unique and reflects light very well a very personal moment. Great photo

  35. Klaus says:

    Great shot Ilan .. love the lightning in this szene

  36. timtop says:

    love this. looks staged, i believe you that it aint!

  37. Snapshutter says:

    Fantastic how the light illuminates the main subject against the dark background. She seems to be bathing her face in the sun.

  38. nissou* says:

    a lucky and very COOL snapshot :) I like it!

  39. stephaniesays says:

    Oh, this shot came together so nicely: the pose, the lighting.


  40. Stephane says:

    Hi Ilan,

    I've reacted to your comment on my traffic lights on that same very post.Thanks again.
    As for yours now, I'll come back later to express what I see but I can already tell you that I love that stage theater feel that it has and I this frame better than the previous cause it got more form and richer content.

  41. Lynda Lehmann says:

    Love this image, with the trio of two figures and a shrub, surrounded by such interesting textures!

  42. Ken says:

    Well spotted and presented!

  43. Mindy | f-stopMarin says:

    Fun frame and appropriate title as she seems to be growing/bending towards the (exquisite) light.

  44. Philippe says:

    Great shot, a wonderfull scene , so much pleasure in it ! Phil

  45. lisaschaos says:

    Fun shot! I love taking photos of people taking photos. :)

  46. Ian says:

    Oh, what a beautiful moment you've captured here, Ilan. I love your processing, emphasising the lovely girl and her 'movement' upwards, heaven-bound.
    Wonderful shot, mate. :-)

  47. claire says:

    nice shot Ilan. did they know you were taking a picture of them too? lol. =)

  48. Mahbubur Rahman says:

    Great observational shot... good eye to catch this...

  49. rhys says:

    another great frozen moment. I like it but I cant help wonder what a mono version would look like? But hey, that's just my thinking, its still a grand shot.

  50. Marcie says:

    What can I say that hasn't already been said? Love how you've frozen this moment in time. Lucky - indeed!!!

  51. Alex says:

    Buen trabajo, me gustan estos robados...a parte le has dado un efecto tenebroso alrededor y eso me encanta.

  52. T and S says:

    Its a beautiful composition Ilan, I m sure there's more to it than just luck. Well shot

  53. conflagratio says:

    Funny this job, you are playing with the gestures here. ;)

  54. Yvon says:

    Yessssss ..... excellent compo.
    Well done.

  55. Fritsch says:

    I know you already reached the heaven of snap shooters. And this is just another proof. A superb proof, Ilan. This dark and kind of dirty wall, her expression & this shiny sneakers all fits perfect. And Rhys is right: I wonder too what it would look like in a mono version. A perfect composition!
    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  56. O s k a r f o t O says:

    Very nice capture and Fantastic lighting, Excellent !!!!

  57. Ståle says:

    They both looked to be posing for you. I like the colours and the mood of the snapshot. And the way you've managed to catch the light on her face and his hands. Perfect picture.

  58. PixeLuz says:

    The photographer and his model captured by their own game, but here magnified by the "manierist" pose of the young woman. Very well done!

  59. Kamal says:

    i cant see the significance of the title and the image. however i really like the lighting in this picture. great expression from the lady too. good work!

  60. Jinksee says:

    Perfect shot. :D Love it!

  61. Pernelle says:

    A good picture with a sense of humour. Well done !

  62. G. Chai says:

    Wow!!! If this is a lucky shot, it is a very lucky shot because it looks like a very well planned, nicely executed shot.

  63. NJ & SB Photography says:

    que bien los has cazado, los japoneses con sus poses graciosas y tu atento a no perderte el momento.!!

  64. Arjan - PlasticDaisy says:

    Whay is it always chinese or japanese people that pose like this when on vaccation? :) Nice capture!

  65. namaki says:

    it's nice and cute !!!

  66. John Maslowski says:

    Beautiful Barcelona, you have captured it so very well. A lovely photo with excellent lighting and the architecture is truly stunning. Great composition with the young couple and the fascinating geometric patterns.

  67. Soe says:

    Cute capture!

  68. z-vet says:

    Love the shot and the name, it fits perfect.

  69. daina says:

    Love her pose – as if stretching toward the light and the light is wonderful in this image - flower indeed! Wonderful shot Ilan!

  70. CushmoK says:

    very nice expression of the model, the two model ! because of a very nice light captured..

  71. Sidney says:

    Nice street shot!
    Seems like some tourists are very creative in their portraits!

  72. Stephane says:

    The capture of a floating moment. A total offering from te girl who seems about to levitate, who feels the warm caress of the light and the only link not to break her moment is a picture.
    One of many ways to look at it. But she is appreciating the light.

  73. Oeilonirique says:

    A curious posture to model and the position of the photographer isn't less

  74. Giovanni says:

    eheh, great capture Ilan! The light is fabulous!

  75. rian says:

    that's a cute candid shot you got there.. nice work! :)

  76. Josiane57 says:

    Pose ! ..et tout le monde en profite :)

  77. Mike says:

    The lighting and setup are really terrific. I love the shadow coming off her as well.

  78. Ida says:

    WOW! Great shot! great color and composition...WELL DONE~ BRAVO! :)

  79. Glennis says:

    T'is a great shot, its an interesting pose for both of them.

  80. One says:

    Outstanding ! Wonderful and funny capture !
    Excellent presentation !

  81. standley says:

    The shooter shot!
    I like her pose. She seems lazying in the sun!
    Beautifully captured.

  82. Anne says:

    Oh, I really love the light on her face. great moment.

  83. Philo says:

    A very good light on this one!

  84. Walter Neiger says:

    yes, really a lucky snapshot ... taken at the right moment :)

  85. EgoPimp says:

    You know you have been very kind to comment on my blog for so long, and I very rarely have the time to return the favour. Can I just say I think your images are wonderful - this one included. Thanks for all your support. Going to spend a bit of time browsing your site later this evening.

  86. joshi daniel says:

    this image has a good story and beauty!

  87. Beat says:

    a snap of a snap :-) great light on this shot. well done Ilan

  88. SePp says:

    very cool shot. Shooting of a shooting. Great how the light is on the model!

  89. Sandy says:

    I don't know how you get these wonderful photos and the lighting etc., but they are a treat.

  90. Gérard says:

    Elle prend la pose, tu as eu le temps de prendre la photo avec toujours un cadrage soigné.

  91. Ginnie says:

    She's clearly HIS flower, to be sure!

  92. Anna says:

    Ilan I love this one, so unique. Anna :)

  93. Ashish Sidapara says:

    Perfectly timed, beautiful candid shot.

  94. yz says:

    wow, cute capture :)

  95. Brooks Potteiger says:

    Really really interesting shot and great timing. I love the girl's expression especially. Nicely seen ;)

  96. popel says:


  97. Phototherapy says:

    I like the light falling here and this soft way of processing the blacks and contrast.
    The subject is rather classical, but the simplicity makes it appealing. Again wide angle, even if you were rather far and I dont feel in.
    I like the lady's pose and wonder if she was posing for you or her boyfriend ;)

  98. Olivier Rault says:

    Fantastic shot, what lights, well done, i love it !
    My vote for you on Coolphotoblog. bravo from France.

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