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For few years now, I've been fascinated by windows.
They not only a transparent barrier between the outside and inside, but also some kind of divider between different lives, but in contrary to doors, fences or walls - One that let's us peek through. (Legal clarification - I don't support voyeurism in the name of voyeurism! :))
Specific thing that I love in these 'windows', are the people sometimes forget that they are... well... transparent. Or opened. In such cases, you are able to capture some 'real' feelings. People without their daily masks.

The first (ever!) photo on my blog was a guy I captured in Prague. This photo was inspired by few 'windows' works (here, here and here) by the superb talented street photographer Nils Jorgensen.

I won't go as far as calling the next week a 'Window Week' but if you got some 'private moment through a window' shots - Feel free to share it through the comments :)

Late addition - My photo is now featuring on the first page of Green Tea Gallery Magazine

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  1. Younes says:

    As usual, thought provoking and inspiring post. I've always wanted to take window photographs, but where I live, windows are closed most of the time (cold), and people don't usually stand at their windows...I'd love to see more example of your window shots.

  2. Aldo Risolvo

    Nice shot Ilan! Nice comp, framing, lines, treatment, reflections, etc etc! This has a lot to look at!

  3. Philippe says:

    Nice shot, colours , scene,and treatment are so pleasant, Phil.

  4. enoxisureka says:

    Love the colours and unawareness of the man in
    this shot.

  5. martie says:

    Well, Phil, this is just an excellent composition. The framing, the subject, the colors, the light and the shadows are perfection. And I agree that we forget that windows are not like doors or walls and that there we are, exposed in all ways. Wonderful capture!

  6. ken says:

    Nice image of ordinary moments. How high up is he I wonder?

  7. Liang says:

    it's all in our nature to look out the window and gaze a great view, this is no exception. well captured!

  8. pando says:

    Fantastic picture!

  9. sil says:

    Gorgeous shot! Like everything in it :) Great composition too!

  10. AB says:

    The windows here provide an incredible mix of colours

  11. beanow says:

    LOL !!! Ilan, this is excellent street shot! Fantastic scene, reflexes and colouring! Congrats!

  12. Arjan - PlasticDaisy says:

    I do love window shots as well! They can tell a whole story on their own. This is such a casual shot, which makes it even better!

  13. romina says:

    excellent street shot, but those reflections are the best in it. congrats

  14. Calusarus says:

    Very nice composition : colors and framing

  15. Briony says:

    such a wonderful and reflections always hold soo much to be captured (a lot of it unseen by most eyes) beautiful job!

  16. Francesco Gallarotti says:

    LOL... without realizing it was your image I have invited it to the Green Tea Gallery :) Would you be interested to be published on the GTG Magazine Photoblog?

    To see how, please go to

  17. Terry H. says:

    Another great observation and photograph. Awesome stuff!

  18. Ivar says:

    Cool shot, I like reflections, they add exitment to any pictures... this is a nice candid shot wher you can see that there is something behind the windows, just not exactly what... cool

  19. Francesco Gallarotti says:

    Well, I just realized that my latest post from a couple of days ago - - is after all window, isn't it? ;-)

  20. Alex says:

    Los reflejos del arbol y el follaje en las ventanas genial!!! Las texturas de la pared tambien me gustan, buen trabajo.

  21. francesco

    very beautiful shoot...

  22. Soe says:

    Wonderful Photo, Ilan! The reflections made the photo.

  23. rhys says:

    I like the processing here, looks kind of cross-processed. Did he see you at all?

  24. Doum says:

    At the first look I said WTF... but more I inspect the photo, more I’m interest by the study. The framing was perfect for this one and the other one... Bravo. I never dare to do that (photographer or be photographed).

  25. Marcie says:

    Love the colors..the reflections and the single human figure. Really wonderful thought-provoking image.

  26. bluechameleon says:

    I understand and relate to your fascination with windows! Whether they are empty, filled with items or a lone person, there is something about the concept.
    Another fantastic shot Ilan! The colours are wonderful and intense drawing you right in and through the window to the man who is looking out. The reflection of the trees give you the best of both worlds. Great as always.

  27. wedealindreams says:

    Seriously this is so Edward Hopper. I mean that with the highest repect. Edward Hopper is one of my favourite Artists.
    I know you said you don't support voyeurism :oP But this is brilliant.
    I must admit I'm seeing a true development in your photo's, They're just amazing.

  28. Anonymous

    Beautiful combination and reflection. Beautiful colors ! Nice !

  29. Belizarie says:

    Beautiful combination and reflection. Beautiful colors ! Nice !

  30. david says:

    a terrific slice of real life; it's a great spot.

  31. philzoc says:

    great shot !

  32. elaine says:

    sometimes when I see a very good photo I just feel like saying: thank you!

  33. namaki says:

    That's a really great shot !the meeting of different "dimensions" !

  34. Jordan says:

    I really appreciate the work shown here in this shot. Beautifully captured, as it actually takes me there with you like I'm standing right there as you took the shot. Thank You for this adventure!

  35. Fritsch says:

    "And outside is outside and that’s where I’ll be" (Alejandro Escovedo)

    Thanks for looking inside & capture some "real" feelings, Sir. No yoyeurism, because you keep the perfect distance, Ilan. A great, kind of intimate but not voyeuristic beauty. Thanks for this one.

    All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  36. jo says:

    wonderfully caught- such an un- self conscious expression and pose. I also like the window reflections, they're like four different and very strong abstract paintings.

  37. Francesco Gallarotti says:

    Ilan, congratulations for being featured on the Green Tea Gallery Magazine!

    The magazine:

    Your page:

    Your picture:

    View and vote and/or comment Ilan's picture and please vote the Green Tea Gallery Magazine for the 2009 Photoblog Awards!!

  38. Francesco Gallarotti says:

    Line many, I see a window as a perfect frame and therefore a perfect photo subject. I have many pictures in my archives with windows, but this one is certainly one of my favorites!

  39. claire says:

    excellent shot. love your framing! great shot. =)

  40. jpla says:

    Jolis reflets et belle composition !

  41. z-vet says:

    Nice colors and reflections, Ilan. And yes, funny capture fits perfect here. :)

  42. Laurens Kuipers says:

    Nice compo, colors and contrast!

  43. Harry says:

    I completely agree with yout comment about people putting themselves on display by forgetting that they can be seen as well as they can see. This one is a great example.

  44. Kevin from says:

    There are so many levels to this composition - the timeline of the window panes being scenes in themselves. And the adjacent panels seemingly portraying 'blank' canvases not yet painted.

  45. Pernelle says:

    Very good shot, and I do agree with your comments and visions on the windaws. I love them as well as they have the capcity to reflect and to be be transparent in the same time !

  46. jbergantine says:

    wow! awesome, awesome shot. great colors and texture and mood. everything about it.

  47. Klaus says:

    Perfect framing Ilan

  48. Kamal says:

    looks like everybody's commenting on the colors. anyway, great framing and great reflection on the windows. i really like how the room behind the mad is dark, which adds some mystery to it.

  49. Kamal says:

    *i meant to write man, not mad. LOL

  50. Rajesh says:

    As usual that is a very cool shot. I liked "People without their daily masks."

    The reflections in the window glass are nice.

  51. Giovanni says:

    Fantastic capture Ilan! Love the reflections on the windows!

  52. renphoto says:

    I love the richness of the blue. The composition is the star in this pic - makes the man almost irrelevant.

  53. conflagratio says:

    Very well processed the color here Ilan. Cheers.

  54. Ronnie 2¢ says:

    Yes, not just what windows reveal but what they reflect . . this is a great reflection shot and we get the without as well as the within.

  55. Anonymous

    great framing work here - the division of the image givew a lot of new images

  56. Andy says:

    Love the reflections you captured so you can see what this man is looking at through the window! Great candid moment.

  57. Peter Knoop says:

    Wonderful composition. Well seen as always!

  58. William Alexander López says:

    Beautiful, great composition and colors !


  59. T and S says:

    That's as good as it gets as far as composition goes. Awesome Ilan

  60. k@ says:

    Yes ! a great topic, windows of the world ! Love yours, the colors, patterns & that guy staring at what or who ? Great scene !

  61. yz says:

    wow, the window looks like a series of paintings

  62. XaviH says:

    Awesome, the blue textured wall is really impressive, and the composition, and the skin colour and attitude of the man... I like absolutely all!!!

  63. Alline says:

    Dans l'attente d'une évasion...

  64. Snapshutter says:

    Love the colors, composition, and feel of this photo. Another great one. Let's have a windows theme for the week. I took this one back in march

  65. Marco says:

    Hey Ilan, This is a great shot! I noticed it on th cover of Grean Tea Gallery Magazine. Congratulations!

  66. Mindy | f-stopMarin says:

    So many layers. Frames within frames. Sense of man's relative smallness and heaviness of thought. Yet the reflection/prognosis is cheery. How's that for my pretentious interpretation?

  67. Carver says:

    Windows are a great subject for photography. I love this shot. So much going on.

  68. Mike says:

    I really like all the diverse images in the windows. The blue is a great offset too.

  69. Tammie Lee says:

    Truly a wonderful image. The blue walls on the top and bottom, all the reflections and then the man make for a unique and powerful image.

  70. iheartfilm says:

    Love this. The reflections are amazing.

  71. rian says:

    these are interesting ways to capture the urban scene.. i have to keep an eye out for these moments when i get the chance.. :D nice work framing that guy there too.. :)

  72. PixeLuz says:

    Makes an interesting kind of puzzle where every piece opens to a different world. Men and women leaning at a window are part of a classical theme, almost always fascinating. This one included.

  73. Ginnie says:

    The fascination is totally understandable, Ilan, and well-executed!

  74. MiNe says:

    A great photograph. Wonderful colours!

  75. Omar says:

    Magnifique picture. The reflections in the windows and the guy are a pretty good composition

  76. standley says:

    Windows are fascinating indeed! The reflections are superb. I like the composition.

  77. philippe says:

    Modernity and nature: a very successful picture!

  78. Ashish Sidapara says:

    Love the colors, beautiful candid capture!

  79. pierre says:

    As the other said : reflection is fabulous. What an excellent idea you got!

    Cheers and thx for posting.

  80. Nicolas Beaumont says:

    Very great composition, the reflections are so rich !

  81. joshi daniel says:

    great! windows is always a good thing to shoot :)

  82. Jon Rieley-Goddard says:

    upon reflection, I like this photo a lot ... . I like the way that each pane has a different color and texture.

  83. Sandy says:

    yeah, good pic!!

  84. m a r t a says:

    Awesome shot. Simple but captivating. It tells a story. Great work!

  85. LightningPaul says:

    Splendid image! The colors are great! The man looks very "English" because of the strong red color in his skin (I hope I won't make anyone angry).
    Windows are indeed intriguing because of its properties. Especially in images. Sometimes I'm surprised to see what windows are reflecting in my images.
    Many thanks for posting the links. Nils Jorgensen has indeed great images.

  86. LightningPaul says:

    Congratulations with the Green Tea Gallery Magazine!

    I see that many of your images are inspired on the ones of Nils. You have both a great sense of humor and capture both fantastic and funny moments on the street. Keep up the good work. It's inspiring and we have lots of fun watching your images at home.

  87. Funky Slug says:

    A pretty amazing collection of images you have on here. Very cool

  88. Phototherapy says:

    The symetry is important here, with and the tree (as symbols) reflecting both sides of the man. You are right, he offers his "normal" face, not composed at all and it's also which fascinates me in windows, this hole between us and others, too.
    Two last things, colors are well choosen, complementary, and the guy is so tiny, facing the huge massive impersonnal building and the warm nature. It recall us that that we are nothing, even with all our devices...
    I will continue the other images another day, take care :)

  89. SD (Aspherical) says:

    Fantastic reflections, but the contrast caused by the guy in the open window is what makes the shot. An excellent composition.

  90. Alison Cornford-Matheson says:

    I love windows too! This is a fantastic composition and I like the lovely bold blue wall!

  91. Luis says:

    Big Compo!!!

  92. Rishi says:

    Somewhat like that...

  93. Hugo says:

    great photo !

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