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Short break from street-photography.
Taken in Barcelona.
... And Thank you again for your comments and support :)

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There has been 132 Responses to 'Maze' so far

  1. Craig Ferguson says:

    Excellent image.

  2. Nicki says:

    Abstract and irritating i think! Yor first nature shoot? Is there no green? This summer i will stay for a while at jerusalem, so we have the chance to spice (colors) your nature shoots ;). ...

  3. Matt Sanderson says:

    Very cool. It is a maze!

  4. Photonotes says:

    Thanks of your visit to mine photoblog. Your photos are indeed an optimal search, and a beautiful vision of the world. I add yours photoblog in my preferred ones.

  5. francesco says:

    une écriture fascinante...

  6. João André Farinha says:

    I really like this photo. But i'm wondering when you'll post something from Barcelona that couldn't be taken in any other city. I say this because Barcelona is a truly unique place, not to criticize this photo in anyway (I don't doubt that you have some of those) :P

  7. Omar says:

    Wonderful idea! Great processing

  8. Younes Bounhar says:

    Terrific image. Simple, yet very effective.
    Also thanks for stopping by on my blog :)

  9. Ken says:

    Ilan, Nice job and great title. I feel there is no escape from this "maze".

  10. lisaschaos says:

    Makes me think about my childhood, lying on the grass and looking at branches and clouds and dreaming of being an adult. Beautiful shot!

  11. T and S says:

    Given the gloomy lighting conditions, you have beautifully used that to create this silhouette maze. That's thoughtfully done

  12. Ron in L.A. says:

    Wonderful image Ilan, really nice...

    R(etc... )

  13. Anonymous

    excellent image - I like the contrast and the pov

  14. Robert Kruh says:

    Beautiful contrast here, like the perspective! Great work!

  15. Doum says:

    Héhéhé! Right title slide and nice photo processing. I learn something; the trees in Barcelona lost their leaves!!!

  16. Rob says:

    I really like contrast between the branches and the sky. It also makes me feel like I'm being drawn upwards as I look at it.

  17. pando says:

    Is it neural network? ;-)
    Very creative and beautiful work!

  18. elaine says:

    an amazing maze indeed! so graphic!!!

  19. Jon Rieley-Goddard says:

    tnx for this beautiful pic -- both the composition and the contast.

  20. XaviH says:

    Maze? mmmm... maybe fractal better, doesn't it?

  21. Ronnie 2¢ says:

    For me, this angle best describes the character of trees . . it would be how they would see themselves.

  22. Fritsch says:

    Holy moly, Ilan. You really know what I like. Trees like fingers or veins. Superb photo & great processing. That made my day. Thanks for sharing. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  23. Phototherapy says:

    Cool, the paradise's trees...
    You should not use this angle so often in street
    Interesting how trees look like nervous termination ;)

  24. Joaquin says:

    Fantastic composition, I see that you enjoyed here in Spain! :-D

  25. Jinksee says:

    Such a great photo! Seriously! It's pretty cool when we look up and see things completely differently, and so cool. :D

  26. CraigM says:

    Different for you no? And I like it, I've tried this sort of shot myself and never seem to have got it right, well done :)

  27. Danne says:

    This one is really good. Would be perfect as a big canvas at random wall, to be honest.

  28. mononeil says:

    Wonderful image Ilan, just wonderful.

  29. puglyfeet says:

    Beautiful. It would make a fabulous print. :)

  30. cara says:

    Wow. Great title and superb processing on this photo. The b/w is perfect. I find it hard to make this type of shot look just right without being too busy. I think your processing on this really sets it off.

  31. cako says:

    Excellent contrasts ... simple but very interesting.

  32. SD (Aspherical) says:

    Fascinating graphic design feel to the shot - I really like it. Well seen.

  33. Ivar says:

    Great shot, the silhouettes really crates quite a maze.

  34. Mindy | f-stopMarin says:

    Reminds me of illustrations from my high school physiology book. Love this image.

  35. Brian says:

    Good contrast here, the upward view is a nice change.

  36. Liang says:

    catching myself looking up here. boom! beautifully done!

  37. Sidney says:

    Nice perspective and angle.

  38. Tammie Lee says:

    I love this photo!

  39. Zing says:

    Beautiful branches, love the perspective.

  40. cuentosbrujos says:

    Minimal but powerful composition I love the backlit

    saludos compañero

  41. rhys says:

    great image, reminds me of chaos theory and Mandelbrot sets, or even Japanese paper cuts. Nice use of the silhouette, they could also be gnarly arthritic fingers.

  42. Connar O'Keeffe says:

    The beauty of nature.
    Brilliant photo. It almost looks like you could've drawn this.

  43. Richard Hollins says:

    I like this a lot. The "pathways" between the individual trees are really interesting, almost as if the branches have been deliberately cut so they don't overlap.

  44. Soe says:

    Cool composition. Simple, interesting, and somehow, has a creepy feel to it.

  45. ian says:

    I'm always reminded of Miller's Crossing when I see similar shots.
    Fantastic the way all the trees are bending inwards, we could almost be looking at a distorted reflection.
    Cool :-)

  46. Marcie says:

    WOW! Wonderful image. Love your point-of-view..and how you've used the simplicity of the bare tree branches as a frame.

  47. PixeLuz says:

    That's not so easy to find such a clear bunch of branches. Well done!

  48. Peter Knoop says:

    Unusual but very cool nature shot. Well done indeed!

  49. Giovanni says:

    Love the POV and the b&w! Great shot!

  50. Nathan says:

    Awesome high contrast shot. The perspective is great.

  51. martie says:

    Wow! It's like fingers stretching out. Nice one!

  52. Philippe says:

    Hello, I'm coming back ! Lovely natural graphism with beautiful contrast, phil;

  53. Nicolas Beaumont says:

    Great shot ! Full of O² !

  54. Amit Basu Photography says:

    Great image. Like the website design too.

  55. Justin says:

    Does look a little foreboding - but not overly so - I like the distracted feeling of looking up and around that it gives - well done.

  56. emillamola says:

    Yes! Fantástica.

  57. Pidic says:

    Je me sens tout petit...

  58. Andy says:

    Love the contrast on this photo! Very cool looking up at these trees too!

  59. Francesco Gallarotti says:

    Very nice... looks like a fractal geometry and you know I love geometry in pictures :)

  60. Yashar says:


  61. yz says:

    looks like veins

  62. Bogdan says:

    love the B&W processing. it looks great! Like YZ said, looks like veins!

  63. nk says:

    it looks like the result of a computer program, what will happen when they'll join? I love it!

  64. Terry H. says:

    Simple yet complex. A joy to look at!

  65. k@ says:

    Love love love it ! Head over heels (under trees), bravo*

  66. Turnbill says:

    Where have I seen this before? Oh! I know! It's your twitter background!

  67. Walter Neiger says:

    it is always worth to see to the heaven ... really a superb b&w work.
    thanks for tweetering my pic :)

  68. Alex says:

    Me gusta la prespectiva de donde has tomado la foto, parecen estar vivas!!!

  69. bluechameleon says:

    My kind of maze. It's like they are looking down upon you as you are looking up at them. There is a kind of uneasy feel here, a kind of mystery. Bravo.

  70. jo says:

    Looking up has brought such a treasure. This is so strong and graphic, yet has a subtlety in the fine twisting lines of the branches which I got very lost in. Thanks for your last comment on my blog, I was very touched!

  71. Beat says:

    grat view Ilan. seems the try to reach the sky

  72. NJ & SB Photography says:

    bueno si tu dices que es BCN no lo pongo en duda Ilan, pero este clásico de árboles pelados lo puedes hacer en muchos sitios, no??
    un buen abstracto de ramas!!

  73. Lynda Lehmann says:

    Lovely tapestry, well done!

  74. Angela Smith Photography says:

    I love the angle of this picture. Breath taking!

  75. John Maslowski says:

    Impressive shot Ilan. The upward angle and the framing are superb. Perfect silhouettes, love the mysterious mood in this composition.

  76. Brooks says:

    Really interesting shot my friend. Good eye ;)

  77. One says:

    A very beautiful composition, magnificent silhouette of the branches! Good work !

  78. françoisedu80 says:

    bonjour ,
    Les grandes branches se hissent dans le ciel pour peigner les nuages .
    Bonne journée .

  79. aleksarus says:

    Nice shot! I have a similar shot from my recent trip to the north, to the border with Finland;)

  80. kaiskeebeat says:

    wow this is awesomee! followed you on twitter :D thanks for the visit!

  81. Cristi Popescu says:

    Nice and heavy contrast , i like this

  82. gavin hart says:

    Wonderful, intricate pattern reaching inwards - looks great in stark black & white.

  83. spacefrog says:

    Superbe graphisme ! ;-)))

  84. silvermikan says:

    The balance of black and white is superb. Very impressive BW. :)

  85. MiNe says:

    lovely shot!!

  86. Ankush. says:

    good thinking in this one.

  87. c o n f l a g r a t i o says:

    Amazing angle of this caption, nice , dramatic contrast of winter forest againts the foggy sky

  88. Mike says:

    This almost looks like an ink painting. Nice perspective looking straight up.

  89. Jordan says:

    I love your work here. This is a very creative shot, thanks! Keep up the good work!

  90. romina says:

    intriguing pattern and very elegant composition at the same time. i really like this kind of abstract work. well done

  91. Olivier Jules says:

    amazing shot!

  92. Arjan - PlasticDaisy says:

    This is awesome!! One moment i see depth, then I see everything flat and abstract. Wonderful!

  93. namaki says:

    ouch !! it makes my neck hurt ! ;-)

  94. Carver says:

    I love the way bare limbs look. This is a great short showing off the circle of trees.

  95. Anna says:

    This is something else. I love it. Anna :)

  96. Anne says:

    the black and white emphasize the graphic elements in the image. Nice mood.

  97. Sylvain says:

    It looks like fractals !

  98. jpla says:

    J'adore ces photos. Bonne journée !

  99. John says:

    Wonderful image Ilan. Love the perspective.

  100. standley says:

    Simply wonderful! I love it.

  101. Snapshutter says:

    Excellent B&W. The trees all seem to be reaching for the same spot.

  102. Mohammadreza says:

    fantastic angle and mazing silhouette like maze ...

  103. sil says:

    Great capture! Powerful point of view too!

  104. Ginnie says:

    It IS a maze, Ilan. Wow. I never noticed that before when looking up at the trees (which I do often).

  105. Ashish Sidapara says:

    Beautiful shot, like a painting.

  106. Pied Crow says:

    Dizzying perspective, lovely tracery of branches on sky.

  107. says:

    very graphic! looks like it'd make an awesome textile print.

  108. Scott Schilling says:

    This is great work - only 2 colors but my eyes move all over the place in this image! Great work!

  109. Dan Creighton says:

    Love the graphic quality of this scene. It has a "Rorshack" (spelling??) image feel to it. The descriptions above of a maze like quality also fit.

  110. Sandy says:

    wow great pic!

  111. joshi daniel says:

    nice idea! i liked the gap in between branches and the trees which makes it look like roads! cool work!

  112. pixeltoko says:

    Grahpic! :)

  113. Kayode Okeyode says:

    Lovely point of view for this image

  114. Good-Grace says:

    Gorgeous!! Absolutely stunning.

  115. Ben Simo says:

    Very nice.

  116. claire says:

    really cool shot! love it!

  117. enoxisureka says:

    116 comments!! I can only dream :) Excellent shot and caption. I've taken this perspective before and it's always looked bland, but yours begs people to stop and stare for just that little bit longer. Love it.

  118. m a r t a says:

    It totally looks like Barcelona trees to me! ;) It looks cool, Ilan, that's what matters! ;)

  119. ShamWOW! says:

    Unable to see wouldn't come up for me last night, either. Don't know what would cause that.

  120. Stephane says:

    It's razor sharp and had me think of haiku style ink work of Frank Miller's Sin City.The balance is there and the eyes can embrace everything at once.

  121. Anonymous

    ... amazing.

  122. camonWheel says:

    Very graphic!

  123. LightningPaul says:

    An amazing maze :-)

    Excellent image: simple, elegant and beautiful. Well spotted.

  124. Xavier Rey says:

    good work !

  125. flo g says:

    tres belle dentelle .. ;)

  126. sylvia says:

    Love this.

  127. Anonymous says:

    'Love this abstractive shot. Excellent detail too.

    Quick ... do you see the letters A, Y, and B? :)

  128. Babak says:

    I like this one a lot. It reminds me of human blood vessels.

  129. Daryl says:

    Like fractal patterns! Striking.

  130. knipsbuex says:

    this is my favourite :-)
    it's just a-maze-ing

  131. Anonymous

    very cool!

    faisal from

  132. Brian H. says:

    Looks like big creatures looking down upon us measly humans.

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