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This is one exposure, case you were asking :)

Still "recovering" from Barcelona, it's hard to go back to the daily routines.

And for some news - I was interviewed this week by Marc Olivier at his wonderful blog 'Take-Out Photo' . Hop over to the interview and I really advise you to stay and check his other posts - His words always challenges me to think. Thank you, Marc!

And, of course, Big Thank You my dear visitors and commenters :)

EDIT: Noa Eisenschtat, a very good friend of mine, is having her first out-of-country exhibition. If by any chance you are in Berlin between the 30.04.09 - 07.05.09, pay a visit - Her works are very inspiring! Click here for info.

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  1. pando says:

    It's beyond belief that this is one shot! Superb!
    And by the way, big THANKS for comments, votes, bookmarks etc. ;-)

  2. Michael says:

    Don´t understand how? "This is one exposure, case you were asking :)"
    I tryed to do something like this in Photoshop

  3. timtop says:

    saving this were ya? Perfect and yes, unbelievable. I still haven't quite got the angle (mirrors? a magical portal to another world?). Now this is why I come back to YOUR blog, yet others fade into the ether. This has mystery, style, and panache!
    My best friend lives in barcelona, and its a favourite of mine also.

  4. Jonas says:

    Do you mean this was the same exposure for 2 shots? Or was it one shot, the left part being some ad panel? Anyway, that's an intriguing picture, many people there also looking intrigued by the scene they are looking at :)

  5. beanow says:

    Interesting street shots. I agree with Jonas - this is really intriguing picture.

  6. Phototherapy says:

    One exposure... Just to make us spend hours to see your image ;)
    Except Barcelona day / night, I cannot make the link between the two...

  7. yz says:

    it is a real mystery, now you have to explain it :)

  8. AC says:

    I don't know how you did this - but it looks amazing! Also, I wonder what people on the left are looking at..

  9. Turnbill says:

    Well, my guess is the right side of the photo is a mirror. Or the left side is. Very interesting shot

  10. mononeil says:

    Don't know how it's done, but i like the contrast between the two images. Dark shadows form the indoor with the bright white of the outdoors. Also the backs of the people against the faces in the other image. Nice one.

  11. Andy says:

    Wow I cant believe this is one shot. Seems like it must be an optical illusion because it doesn't seem to fit together! You will have to explain it to us! Great shot though love the b&w tones.

  12. T and S says:

    "One Exposure"...interesting Ilan. I m still wondering how you pulled this off. I could't figure it out.

  13. Mahbubur Rahman says:

    How this is one exposure seems to be the question of the day :) Please enlighten us :)... More importantly the context of the two juxtaposition scenes.... very good shot indeed...

  14. Zing says:

    Interesting shot, love the contrast, nice bw!

  15. Krims@nline.be says:

    Very intresting shot, hard to believe it's one capture, what's the technique behind this ... excellent work and congrats with the interview! (And yes on your demand, I'm posting again)

  16. Pierre says:

    J'aime bien ce contraste entre ces images. Le foncé et le clair, debout ou assis. Jolies comparaisons.

  17. rhys says:

    another great shot. Is this analogue? looks like two overlapping 35mm negs? Or is it a mirror? The fact its got me guessing is good. Adds an enigmatic twist.

  18. Fritsch says:

    Great pictures & wonderful composition. I like it exactly this way. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

  19. aleksarus says:

    Ilan, read your interview, it was very interesting to read! :) You are very open and sincere person! Regarding the photo, I think the right place but left the door reflected in the mirror;)

  20. david says:

    barcelona is a great place to hang around and watch the world pass by...you catch this aspect of the place very well with these shots.

  21. Olivier Jules says:

    very well composed!

  22. Oswegan says:

    I like this because I want to know what is going on.

  23. Liang says:

    very nice street shot in BW. seems like people are all focused on seeing something!

  24. Anonymous

    great street work

  25. Terry H. says:

    I really enjoyed reading the interview. I agree, I also like to post funny stuff when possible. That is one of the reasons I keep coming back here. Plus the awesome street photos of course.

  26. Nir Dremer says:

    Impressive photography eye!

    also, i really liked your interview. It was really stimulating and made my think for a while..

    keep up to the good work!

  27. CraigM says:

    Well just like everyone else I'm having trouble working it out which ic, of course, what makes it so darn interesting! I think it's exceptional Ilan and shows some great thinking. :)

    The only conclusion I have is that the portion to the right is a reflection but you were far enough back not to be in the shot.

  28. wedealindreams says:

    I've spent a few days trying to figure out how it was done, I just can;t think. I haven't seen the answer yet but I'm thinking mirrow from a door or window. 2 windows maybe reflecting?
    Brilliant photo though. Really makes you thinking.
    I'm must admit the more I see the more I like.

  29. martie says:

    Great study of light and dark. And congrats on your interview - looking forward to reading it.

  30. Jinksee says:

    I'm going to be looking at this one for awhile. I will figure this out. :D Awesome on getting an interview, too. :D

  31. John Maslowski says:

    Great photograph as usual Ilan. Read your interview, excellent and inspiring. I admire your honesty and your fascinating photographs.

  32. joebergantine.com says:

    it is? i was going to say great juxtaposition but in-camera... that's really something.

  33. Ivar says:

    Great image, very cool reflection (I assume it is anyway). Very cool effect.

  34. Rajesh says:

    Nice black and white photos.

    Read the interview and loved the snap near the American embassy in Prague

  35. Andy says:

    I forgot to say I read your interview and really enjoyed it! I had not seen some of those photos in it. My favorite is the one of the guy in the window looking out at the world but seemingly trapped.

  36. namaki says:

    ah Barcelona ! I love Barcelona ! and here is a photo from above :-)


  37. silvermikan says:

    Love the contrast between two scenes! great BW!

  38. Sekhar says:

    Hi Ilan, Thanks for stopping by my blog. You too have a great blog here. Loved the b&w shots :)

  39. Andor Marton says:

    Interesting shot! At least one side must be a reflection or even both??? Or is it something else?

  40. Nicolas says:

    Great duo picture !

  41. Shellmo says:

    So happy to have discovered your blog! (And thank you for visiting mine!) I enjoyed these photos very much - I aspire to be half as good.

  42. Scott Schilling says:

    Wonderful Black and White images! Great shots! Thanks for the comments also!

  43. Hoai Bao Photography says:

    Very smart use of mirror. Beautiful work. The contrast of inside and outside world is really interesting.

  44. cuentosbrujos says:

    me parece una interesante composición y creo que el blanco y negro le va perfecto

  45. Ankush. says:

    barcelona fever not letting you go, this is a good shot Ian, nice black and white.

  46. cat says:

    In both images people are looking at something but we don't know at what. So as well as trying to figure out how it can be one image, there's a feeling of trying to see beyond the crowd to figure out what's going on. Maybe because it's a different country and you didn't know the language, so there's a sense of being separated? I wonder how different it looks in colour too.

  47. cat says:

    In both images people are looking at something but we don't know at what. So as well as trying to figure out how it can be one image, there's a feeling of trying to see beyond the crowd to figure out what's going on. Maybe because it's a different country and you didn't know the language, so there's a sense of being separated? I wonder how different it looks in colour too.

  48. conflagratio says:

    Excellent your job, the lights and shadows play so nice there

  49. lisaschaos says:

    Very nice! Barcelona? that must have been fun!

  50. CushmoK says:

    interesting diptych of urban life and attention...

  51. Musa says:

    love the conversion work.. not to harsh, just right... also the pic makes you think whats happening?
    nice work pal


  52. Kamal says:

    everybody is asking the same thing. how'd you do it in one exposure? amazing indeed.

  53. Ian says:

    Well at the risk of labouring a point (!): how did you do that?! Going on the sheer number of commenters asking the same you have to tell us in some grand reveal? :-P

  54. Beat says:

    superb strretshots Ilan. perfect in b&w

  55. k@ says:

    Great duet like a 2 floors scene, a vivid one !

  56. Andrea says:

    Thank you very much for your visit and for the kind comment,
    I like very much these pictures among the people:it's very difficult,in my opinion,to shot in this situations.

  57. Marcie says:

    Am trying to figure out how you did this. Very very cool!!! WOW!

  58. Mahbubur Rahman says:

    Thank you for the twitter :)

  59. Darietto says:

    Man, you're great!!!! Interview's just amazing. I love Barcelona too... a lot of people that wanna always have fun. I recognize the rabla!! :)
    Your b/w is really intense!

  60. Ginnie says:

    So why don't any of us get it???? And when will you tell us????

  61. om says:

    nice couple. good work.

  62. observing says:

    One exposure....? does your camera take half-frames? Both images have different light values !

  63. Indrani says:

    They seem to be focused on something interesting and you caught them unawares. Interesting shots!

  64. One says:

    A good yield of the black and white, wonderful work with shadows and lights!

  65. standley says:

    Great contrast between the two images in many respect! Lighting, postures, location....

  66. Gérard says:

    Rare de prendre les gens de dos et avec un excellent traitement N&B.

  67. bluechameleon says:

    I like the contrast between the day and light. I always see it as a negative or a positive...the strip of film compared to the actual print. Both have their depth, high and low points.
    A nice pairing of images.
    Congrats to you on the interview :)

  68. Oeilonirique says:

    Nice scenes of the golden generation.

  69. Carver says:

    This is an amazing shot. I agree with others that it's hard to believe it's one exposure. So much going on and so well done.

  70. Anne says:

    good angle and good tention. I wan't to see what they are looking at :)

  71. fishing guy says:

    Ilan: What a neat shot to share from your trip. Barcelona must be a fun place.

  72. Kelly says:

    ...so beautiful. I always love looking at your photos. I dropped over to Marc's site and read the interview, which was very interesting. I enjoyed his photos too. You are both so very skilled and talented.

  73. Peter Knoop says:

    Interesting shot. An here too I can't see how this is one exposure?

  74. jpla says:

    Jolis N&B.

  75. Walter Neiger says:

    very interesting ... it's hard to believe it's one shot ... but it's possible ... maybe two posters on a wall :)

  76. Calusarus says:

    A great B&W

  77. Michael Rawluk says:

    You have a nice touch with b+w. The tones are super.

  78. Stephane says:

    Nice diptych.The two windows arenot conflictual even with two different luminosity. It's always amazing to see how isolated we all can be even being so close to each other, and it happens to be more so in small areas. As for the making, I have no idea but I'm not trying to guess.The pleasure resides in the making as you go.
    Thanks for the Marc Olivier link

  79. Mike says:

    This is really cool. Amazed you got this in one shot. Perfect composition.

  80. F.(co) says:

    hey!thank you very much for your attention,i'm very glad of this and i hope you'll check again!
    many compliments for your work!
    see you!

    No Flashing

  81. tomamoisii says:

    thank you very much for your visit. It's not such a cool photoblog (in my opinion :) )...I'm still at the beginning with photography and have much more to learn. Your photoblog is very nice, instead; very good photos you got here,no wonder you won the photoblogs competition!
    Best wishes from Romania and, how I like to say, "may the light be with you". Cheers!

  82. Diane C. says:

    Fascinating black and white photo. Enjoyed your interview by Marc Olivier, you are talented!

  83. Tracey Eaton says:

    that is an amazing shot

  84. francesco says:

    un très beau dyptique...

  85. iperio says:

    hi Ilan thank you very much for your comment and for kind words.
    my compliments for your images!

  86. Ronnie 2¢ says:

    I like that, in both images, the center of attention is out of shot . . it inject a curious vigour to the scenes.

  87. ShamWOW! says:

    If you hadn't said something I would've thought this to be a diptych. Strange shot.

  88. תומר יעקבסון says:

    Hey Ilan - can you please explain what you mean by "one exposure?"

    thanks - Tomer

  89. Doum says:

    SUPERB! Artistic view of contrast. I just said post more of this one. Many ideas jostle in my mind about this composition... Thank.

  90. Arjan - PlasticDaisy says:

    This is intriguing! :) Still not sure how you did this but probably has to do with mirrors :) Nice!

  91. bogdan says:

    Great shot mate. It looks stunning. I read on the next photo how this was made, very clever:D

  92. Jodi says:

    nice juxtaposition of these two, with the opposing light/dark.

  93. g_i says:

    looks like smth serious

  94. rajanish says:

    nice color
    and composition

  95. flo g says:

    intringuing and very well done ;)

  96. Ben Simo says:

    Wonderful photo. I love this type of street photo and the contrast between the inside and outside in a single exposure is stunning.

  97. Christelle says:

    Thanks for leaving a message on my blog, allowed me to discover your Photoblog! :)

  98. mihauu says:

    Yes, this is great idea. Good shot

  99. Anonymous

    it was done with a shadowbox (I believe that is what they are referred to as) so that you can expose one side of the frame, then close that side and open the other side to expose that side of the frame....

  100. Anonymous

    The photo is very old as my wife recognized the symbol on the left side (hidden in the trees) as being the logo for Caixa Catalana which would have been about 30 years ago.

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