Bon Appetit

Posted on Apr 21, 2009 - 138 comments -

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Well, I had something similar in Prague so why not in Barcelona as well?

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There has been 138 Responses to 'Bon Appetit' so far

  1. beanow says:

    LOL! Super street shot!

  2. vera says:

    ah!! something between bat and deamon ... :-)))

  3. NJ & SB Photography says:

    una urbana muy bien vista!!
    con los robados un día vas a tener un disgusto jaja :))

  4. Gérard says:

    Saisie sur le vif et les couleurs sont magnifiques. Bravo pour la qualité de ta photo.

  5. Brian Ramnath says:

    I love this one. Colors are great.

  6. TOMi says:

    great moment, great expression of the face

  7. Audrey says:

    Mmmmmh! Miam! :)

    Great shot!

  8. emillamola says:

    Excelente! Una imagen digna de Cartier-Bresson o Martin Parr.

  9. Framed and Shot says:

    She sure looks hungry!! And the colors in this shot is wonderful - her red hair making the perfect combination towards the red pots, and dressed in green as the plants! A great find!

  10. mike says:

    Quite bizarre way of eating, that Red hair between all the Greens.... well.


  11. Ivar says:

    Awesome, she sure looks hungry with that mouth wide open... very cool

  12. Oswegan says:

    Wow, I love this.

  13. Snapshutter says:

    Nice detail, and colors, and contrast in this photo. And a funny face to boot!

  14. Ginnie says:

    We redheads need all the energy we can get, Ilan. :D

  15. JJ says:

    Wonderful street shot, she sure seems about to devour that

  16. One says:

    A wonderfull capture ! Well done.

  17. Mindy | f-stopMarin says:

    She seems to be attacking that thing. What terrific red hair she has. Fun shot.

  18. Indrani says:

    She seems lost relishing it. :)

  19. 10fraction says:

    she eats with a great energy! Very nice!

  20. Hoai Bao Photography says:

    Hmm yummy.. it's such a zen place to eat. Great shot.

  21. GJC says:

    Striking colors and expression. A real moment captured in time.

  22. Zing says:

    Great capture, nice contrast.

  23. pando says:

    Funny moment captured! Great photo! ;-)

  24. Elad says:

    LOL. Great capture.
    You were talking on new blog design..?

  25. Joaquin Arias says:

    Jaja, really good moment. I hope you enjoyed in Spain! ;-)

  26. z-vet says:

    Haha, great capture, made me LOL!

  27. Soe says:

    Well composed, and funny !
    Nice Capture!

  28. NarB says:

    Fantastique, bien vu.

  29. Pere Chuliá says:

    Genial. Es una de esas fotos que sólo puede conseguir quien está en el sitio justo, en el momento justo.
    Su cabeza parece surgir de entre, la vegetación con la melena rojiza, para devorar a un intruso. Buen trabajo.

  30. rhys says:

    Made me laugh! A great candid moment. I've been thinking about doing more people/street photography of late, this has given me a bit more of a push- thanks.

  31. namaki says:

    the green background colours suit her red hair perfectly ! ;-)

  32. aleksarus says:

    Very funny picture! )))

  33. david says:

    at least the lady in prague was a tad more delicate in her eating!! great shot :-)

  34. Darietto says:

    Hi mate, i've seen this woman in Barcelona too :)
    Really well framed and good colour

  35. Oeilonirique says:

    Good appetite. I'm sure that she didn't see you by taking this picture.

  36. Ankush. says:

    am damn hungry now.

  37. lasiate says:

    Ah ah j'adore cette plante carnivore ;)

  38. Stephen Van Tuyl says:

    Oh yeah! I'm laughing. Great shot!

  39. Víctor Roblas says:

    Good moment Ilan¡¡ Think in green¡¡ Thanks for your comments in my blog. B.R.

  40. Terry H. says:

    Great action shot!! :) I love the color in this shot. The image just pops off the screen. I will be back to look at this one again. LOL!

  41. yz says:

    she must be hungry :)
    great capture

  42. Lorraine says:

    Great catch! The color is this photo is fantastic.

  43. Giovanni says:

    Fantastic street capture!! Stunning colours and composition! I noticed this picture at vfxy buzz page and I asked myself "who made this beautiful capture?": Ilan, of course!

  44. Yvon says:

    She looks hungry.
    A great shot.

  45. k@ says:

    Hhhhhaaaaaa ! (that's me, laughing out loud), what a juicy picture !! The woman's air, the colors, the frame, the very moment you captured, all is marvelous ! Bravo and thanks for the grin for my evening, Ilan !

  46. Andy says:

    HA what a great candid shot! I love all the green in the photo and how she is even wearing a green sweater! Nice work!

  47. Jonas says:

    One of the funny things is that she is wearing a green pull-over among green plants, as if her head was the flower of an ET plant :) Great find!

  48. martie says:

    Why not indeed! Looks yummy - as do those gorgeous plants! Nice one.

  49. EYES WIDE SHUT says:

    I don't think she will thank you for this shot! ha ha

    Superbly observed

  50. standley says:

    First quality candid capture. The colours are superb!

  51. conflagratio says:

    Genial los gestos exagerados y esa luz

  52. Ashish Sidapara says:

    Perfectly timed, beautiful street portrait!

  53. elaine says:

    lol! i love everything about it: the setting, the tones and of course her expression

  54. Anonymous

    excellent catch and colors

  55. mononeil says:

    I love the red hair in all that green. Nice one.

  56. Phototherapy says:

    Only two colors, complementary, oh oh ;)
    This is BW in colors, well done

  57. XaviH says:

    Ha! Much, much better the version of Barcelona, absolutely colorfull!! (I'm from barcelona, of course!) Best regards!

  58. marco's light opinion says:

    Wonderful moment, Ilan! Grotesque and ilarious, the aggressive gesture of her ctrongly contrasts with the innocence of the sorrounds (and also the colors!).
    Terrific shot, bravo.

  59. Spacefrog says:

    On aurait dit qu'elle se cachait derrière cette façade végétale. Mais c'est raté car le photographe était là. Bien vu en tout cas !

  60. Jinksee says:

    Hmmm...suddenly, I'm very hungry. :D

  61. timtop says:

    Loving this pic - I got a few 'mid bite' pics in my collection too...we should start a relay!

    Thanks for your comments re: Bow Girl. Fresh off the SD that one.

    Send me your email address, it's easier to communicate than via twit/comments.

  62. cuentosbrujos says:

    Magnifica toma, magnifico instante decisivo
    me encantaria saber hacer esas fotos

  63. Ian says:

    lol, Ilan - what a super street pic, not least for the fact that the colour palette is just awesome!

  64. Marcie says:

    This is too funny!! Has this woman seen this pic you snapped??? Excellent street image.

  65. beth | bizzlepix says:

    That's some powerful hunger! Gotta love that red hair.

  66. Andrea says:

    Difficult to find a perfect moment like this...
    Thanks for your visit.

  67. Tatiana says:

    Pris en flag d'un coup de fringale ;) Bien vu, excellent instantané ;p

  68. Liang says:

    haha excellent candid street shot! taking a bite was never this satisfying!

  69. AC says:

    Very natural- you cannot get people to pose for snaps like this!

  70. fishing guy says:

    Ilan: Neat capture with all the greenery around the red-head.

  71. cieldequimper says:

    Thank you for your comment on Versailles. This is an amazing shot!

  72. says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Just had a look at the last twenty photos on yours...pretty terrific I'd say! You are a great photographer!

  73. Nathan says:

    Nice capture. The expression is funny, and what's also funny is her sweater matches all the green in the plants and her hair matches a lot of the red pots.

  74. Michael Rawluk says:

    What amazing colour but I had to chuckle at this.

  75. Pacey says:

    Thanks for the visit Ilan. And I'm glad you did, coz I wouldn't have discovered your wonderful blog. I'll have to remember to vote later.

  76. om says:

    What a capture! she looks like she's going to eat all the plants as soon as she finishes what she bites on now.

  77. Peter Knoop says:

    Great timing! Love the way she blends into the scene with her green sweater and red hair. Excellent shot!

  78. Beat says:

    wow. what a stunning shot with great details

  79. sherri says:

    Such beautiful flowers surrounding her. The clarity of your image is superb.

  80. Arjan - PlasticDaisy says:

    Great way to try and blend into the scenery by wearing a green sweater, But maybe she should dye her hair if she really wants to blend in ;) Very very interesting shot! :)

  81. ShamWOW! says:

    haha...that's awesome.

  82. ceanothe says:

    A beautiful appetite ?

  83. Jim G says:

    Great and funny shot!!! lol Nice job!

  84. Kelly says:

    ...first time to your site! I LOVE all the color, action and life in your photos. Everything is interesting!

  85. Ronnie 2¢ says:

    She sure knows the color to wear and surround herself with to go with that fair !

  86. Pied Crow says:

    Very fierce! or very hungry....

  87. Veronelle says:

    elle doit avoir fin car elle y va franchement

  88. Diane C. says:

    Terrific shot! Amusing how the shape of the whipped cream echos the white lilies. I would love to be able to take candid pictures like that, if only my camera and I could be invisible.

  89. eva says:

    The two (Prague and Barcelone) are two very good shot ! well done !

  90. Stephane

    Great catch.Her hair makes me think of a lion about to chew up some meat.Raw and true for everyone.Glad not to be the one caught up in the act.

  91. Yashar says:

    what timing ;)

  92. Walter Neiger says:

    very funny shot ... why don't she eat a cactus ;)

  93. Tammie Lee says:

    Oh what a great capture! YUM
    and the colors are terrific!

  94. says:

    Cool & funny shot ... great work!

  95. Robert Kruh says:

    Really great street capture Ilan! Very nice :)

  96. Carver says:

    Great shot. I can tell the food is delicious. Cheers!

  97. Evita says:

    Ha, ha this is a great capture! The colors, the scenery and the emotion is fantastic and so real!

    Thanks for visiting Evolving Scenes and looking forward to connecting on Twitter :)

  98. John says:

    What a neat capture. Love it.
    Have a nice week!

  99. cako says:

    Excellent timing ... cool !

  100. Mike says:

    Somebody is mighty hungry lol.. Terrific shot amongst the green.

  101. Mondo says:

    Nice candid. Thanks for the comment on my photo.

  102. Bonnie Bonsai says:

    Thanks Ilan for stopping by. I can see a load of humour in your spirit the way this picture is captured. Well done! I tried to comment so I can vote for your Photoblog Awards and I was asked to Register. I'll do it for your sake.

  103. bluechameleon says:

    What a totally cool shot! I love her red hair against all the green in the frame. What a capture!

  104. Anne says:

    haha, really like the contrast between the red and the green.

  105. jpla says:

    Elle y va de bon coeur ! Bien vu.

  106. LightningPaul says:

    LOL :-)

    So funny! Super capture!
    I really love your funny captures.

  107. Bim says:

    Great moment, great colours, great composition. What did she say when she saw herself? :)

  108. CraigM says:

    This really made me smile Ilan, what a great moment to capture, it's just fantastic. Love the mixture of the bright red hair against all that green too. :)

  109. francesco says:

    ...very lovely...

  110. Doum says:

    ...OMG... I'm absolutely frozen in front of my screen! This photo is surely an artwork! Perfect pose, perfect exposition, perfect composition. Just WOW!

  111. Justin says:

    I love the green and her red hair together - perfect complementarity. All I can think though is "nom nom nom"

  112. m a r t a says:

    haha, too funny! She's really into it :) Must be tasty!!

  113. Andy says:

    Fantastic! really funny.. i like the red tones from her hair.

  114. Denis says:

    Funny horror sight ! Nice candid shot, thank you for he smile !

  115. joshi daniel says:

    she means business!

  116. claude says:

    Taken just at the right moment, excellent street shot!!

  117. Belizarie says:

    Thank you ! And your photos are great ! Nice job !

  118. Brooks says:

    This is really amazing. Great capture!!

  119. Carlos says:

    Absolutely stunning one! :D

  120. jump says:

    LOL, excellent :)

  121. Rahul says:

    good candid shot

  122. Alfonso Cuéllar says:

    A brilliant genial moment the expression of this person (who in addition, is dressed of green) eating, it( is incredible. A magnificent street photo ¡. Congratulation ¡

  123. Omar says:

    Hehe, very cool streetshot

  124. falk says:

    Great one! Wohlbekomms ;)

  125. Sandy says:

    wow, great comp on this, love it.

  126. mihauu says:

    Funny :)))

  127. yien says:

    super capture! the colors are matching too!

  128. nissou* says:

    what a funny scene! it makes me smile.
    I just love her red hair in this green scene.

  129. rakesh says:

    Amazing Composition!!

  130. Jeff T says:

    Haha! Great shot! Looks like a magazine image - good lighting and all the green! Nice capture.

  131. Kevin from says:

    No way!
    This is great, and puts a smile on my face :-)

  132. Rolf says:

    Perfect street-shot!

  133. Dawn (dandy) says:

    LOL... I'm praying someone doesn't have apicture of me eating :)

  134. Lobjo says:

    Really cool ! The right place at the right moment or the right moment at the right place. That's photography with a big PH ;)

  135. Richardalois says:

    Nice shots here! I am liking it and will come back...

  136. Brenda says:

    Great capture and very funny. you could win a prize by joining Candid Earthlings.

  137. Anonymous


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