Night shift

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As you see, no design updates yet. They were postponed to this weekend, and this time for real. Hopefully. :)
So, I'll repeat my warning about the possible downtime and the fact that you might not recognize the site next time.

Meanwhile, this is another shot from my new compact camera Ricoh GX200 - I'm having a blast with this little pixel devil!

P.S - Thanks all for your Barcelona recommendations - All marked on my map.

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  1. Brian Ramnath says:

    I love this one. Sounds like a cool camera.

  2. beanow says:

    It's cool capture.

  3. ben says:

    Intéressante. Le coté désordonné de la pièce est bien rendu. Les couleurs délavées vont bien avec l'ambiance générale

  4. Andy says:

    Cool shot showing this man hard at work. I especially like it because you have been saying how you are working hard on your new site design so this shot is perfect!

  5. yz says:

    cool angle

  6. k@ says:

    Cool to have a new camera, new happy moments on their road, this scene is intriguing ! Out of a scary movie ? ;/ I like its strong atmosphere !

  7. Harry says:

    Interesting shot. This could be anything from an artist finishing a piece to a mad scientist working on heis newest monster.

  8. Arjan - PlasticDaisy says:

    I love work places like these! You captured the mood perfectly!

  9. daina says:

    Love the color – the crazy green light in combination with his blue smock and reddish floor. I could not figure what kind of work space that was but that is what makes it a great generic one - representing workshops in general – great shot!

  10. elaine says:

    are you working as hard as the man on the photo???

  11. rian says:

    he's got a pretty big workspace there.. i like it.. nice shot! :)

  12. Marcie says:

    Love the light in this..and how you captured him so engrossed in what he's doing. He looks like an 'artist-at'work'!!!!

  13. Mahbubur Rahman says:

    I love this composition - I love it when a picture tells a story, and this is a perfect example - the title 'nightshift' is very appropriate and the tone and the color adds to that mood that maybe he is not having much fun. However, I would have liked to know more about the backstory of the picture/the subject/etc..

  14. says:

    WOnderfull shot, looks like that little devil really works well.

  15. Ronnie 2¢ says:

    Ah, yes . . such an unobtrusive little camera to use in situations like this. Never makes its presence felt !

  16. Ian says:

    I like the angle, as well - it works really well with the depth of the shop.
    Love the green walls mixing with the light from the fluorescents - my kind of lighting ;-)

  17. Elaine- says:

    i can't tell what's being made in this place of work, it doesn't look like it's open to the public... very nice work with your new cam :) i haven't used my Ricoh in a long time

  18. Jonas says:

    This looks like a very closed place to work, wihout window, except the kind of window that the map on the wall makes.

  19. Benjamin Gustafsson says:

    So much going on here, I wonder what kind of project he is working on. Is this from your studio Ilian?

  20. Ivar says:

    Nice shot of a man deeply engrossed in his work, oblivious to you and your camera. Nice street capture

  21. cat says:

    I love the map of the world on the wall, as a reminder that there _is_ a world out there! The fluorescent lights hurt my eyes even here - excellent atmosphere.

    Hope your new site is up and running soon - looking forward to seeing it :)

  22. Pierre says:

    Une ambiance bien restituée.

  23. Robert Kruh says:

    Great use of lights and lovely composed photograph, againe :)

  24. NJ & SB Photography says:

    Un taller de reparaciones o bricolage, bien preparado!!
    Ilan a tu pregunta:Or is it just that?
    la foto del balón es una gran superficie de compras, tiendas miltimarcas y está en Badalona a 8 Km. de Barcelona
    saludos Núria

  25. Kourosh Rad says:

    WOW! hard to believe you captured this with a compact camera!! I'm scared of the day that the compact cameras take over our beautiful SLRs. :D

  26. CraigM says:

    Bodyshop? I like the atmosphere and the green hue. The camera appears to work well in low light, very low noise!

  27. Doum says:

    Not bad shot! You catch awesome ambiance. In fact I think it’s a sinister place to work; no windows, fuzzy light. But cool shot. Bravo.

  28. Anonymous

    I like the atmosphere and the colors

  29. Beat says:

    perfect capture of this interesting work place. a lot of details to see

  30. TOMi says:

    Nice ambiance and atmosphere, just too bad that the bicycle didn't fit in. :)

  31. Phototherapy says:

    I just hope you will keep the images during your upgrade!

    Excellent documentary capture, showing a real mess :)

    Honestly, I prefer you with your other gear (except in BW for the grainy), but I understand you...

  32. Olivier Jules says:

    very nice shot

  33. Liang says:

    I love the dark lighting here, superbly captured!

  34. Salvador D. says:

    Nice shot, I love the moodiness of the lighting and clutter. Kind of a mad scientist in the lab feel to it as well.

  35. claire says:

    really cool shot! :D

  36. Rhys Baker says:

    good image, although I'm wondering what a mono conversion would look like? Congrats on the new toy!

  37. david says:

    i perticularly like the slightly spooky blackness in the background...good shot.

  38. Pere Chuliá says:

    Bonita toma. Me gusta la iluminación fría de la imagen. Bien captada.

  39. Phototherapy says:

    Good luck for your upgrade!!!

  40. John Maslowski says:

    Fascinating shot of this man and his environment. An interesting place, great capture.

  41. says:

    this looks like one of those dark alleys on a crime scene show with the pile of plastic and the vacuum and sheetrock walls and fluorescent lighting. beautiful. and i think i'd be looking over my soulder the whole time i was in here too :)

  42. Hoai Bao - Journal of Photography says:

    This photograph matches you perfectly, the creator at working - you and your design updates ;-) Great work.

  43. Oeilonirique says:

    His job must not be very healthy.

  44. Denis says:

    I like the compo and the mess in the shaq

  45. Nicolas says:

    Great picture ! I like the mood ! I can smell the working mood !

  46. Alline says:

    Une atmosphère un peu feutrée qui semble douce et triste à la fois...

  47. martineb says:

    Really a nice atmosphère , here!! Great image !

  48. Ståle says:

    Fascinating shot full of details. I like the greenish light. It makes the red elements stand out. Also like the way the lines lead to the man with the mask. Ecellent work, Ilan!

  49. says:

    I don't know anything about this camera but it makes real wonder - the tones are really cool

  50. bluechameleon says:

    All good things take time... :)
    You've got me curious about the camera, I'd like to do some research on it. I really like these tones and the depth of field in this shot. Great work.

  51. Ciboulette says:

    on sent tellement cette ambiance si particulière au travail de nuit...

  52. c o n f l a g r a t i o says:

    Fine processed this light, a nice work

  53. Ida says:

    wow! great place! great shot... BRAVO Ilan~ :)

  54. Terry H. says:

    LOL! Is the guy doing a little work around the shop of fixing to operate on someone. Half the fun of working with glue is breathing the fumes. :)

  55. JJ says:

    Such a great shot, a wide spacious work area, love how the light fades to dark in the background

    the GX200 seems a pretty good compact from this shot

  56. Mike says:

    Great lighting. Really represents your title well. Nice atmosphere to this shot as well.

  57. Frøken Frost says:

    Thank you Ilan! I appreicate you commenting on my photos. I just got my first SLR camera a few weeks back, and I can't stop shooting.

    Your photos are fantastic! The light, colors, everything!=)

  58. Tricia says:

    I can't wait to see the new site - It's exciting! Thanks for visiting my page & commenting!!!

  59. Tripohead says:

    Great lighting Ilan. Looks like a good little camera you have. Image quality looks super! :)

  60. Ginnie says:

    Now THAT'S a workshop, Ilan!

  61. Soe says:

    Wonderful Photo, Ilan. A great picture equates to a thousand words... well.. this picture tells a story.. love it!

  62. Zing says:

    Nice light and details, excellent shot!

  63. standley says:

    Superb capture. I really like the light here!

  64. Darietto says:

    Hi Ilan, Ricoh makes really great camera also if they are compact.
    In this case... you've captured a moment of daily life, but with a light and a depth that make it quite spectacular. Maybe I would have underexposed slightly to give more drama to the shot... :)

  65. flo g says:

    light is beautiful, and the man dressed like a surgeon.. it is funny !!

  66. Daniel says:

    Great capture. You did a great job with the light you had available and capturing the mood.

  67. Ankush. says:

    aaah, loved this subtle image. well done.

  68. Kafia says:

    A amazing photo! congratulations!
    I like to see the european map :)

    I just lobe this photo!

  69. Kafia says:


  70. Olivier says:

    Très belle ambiance.

  71. WABIKOJA says:

    A fascinating, and very nicely captured, photograph.

  72. alittlenegative says:

    Proof that the camera means nothing? I think so.

    This is wonderful, that beyond the composition and the nice lines it's just the feeling of grabbing a moment in some guy's life and turning it into something.

    /You're going on my blogroll

  73. Anna says:

    Hey Ilan good luck! Hope it all work out for you. Nice photo as always. Anna :)

  74. nissou* says:

    nice one. picture of men at work is always interesting

  75. Robert says:

    Great atmosphere and colors, looks like a framegrab from a horror movie! :)

  76. Brooks says:

    Very cool shot. I like the atmosphere of this one.

  77. cristian2308 says:

    gran composicion amigo. me encantan los colores. felicitaciones y gracias por tu comentario.

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