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Long exposure + lens tilt.

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  1. CushmoK says:

    interesting abstract picture due to capture

  2. beanow says:

    Great abstract. Nice colouring.

  3. Liang says:

    very cool. love the use of the tilt shift here! mysterious image and cool colors.

  4. Walter Neiger says:

    excellent ... this is art ... like a painting !

  5. Andy says:

    Awesome abstract! Gives it sort of a mysterious or haunting atmosphere.

  6. Godo says:

    Interesting blurring effect
    Love color management and the processed result.
    Well done, Ilan

  7. Brant says:

    Love this one Ilan! Like a beautiful painting or even pastel. Wonderful tones.

  8. Alline says:

    Serait-ce la forêt des Elfes...! :-)
    Ai je le droit de faire un voeux si j'en vois une...??

    Car ici mille et un contes de fées flottent comme dans un rêve....

  9. Phototherapy says:

    This tild shift effect always looks wonderful and mysterious, like a fairy tale, superb!

  10. Marcie says:

    Magical!!! Do you mind my asking - how did you do this? It's fantastic!!!

  11. yz says:

    wow, this is fantastic
    i've seen this trick many times, but yours is really excellent and unique

  12. Ronnie 2¢ says:

    I like this . . it is innovative and fun and you have chosen the perfect subject.

  13. Hoai Bao - Journal of Photography says:

    I love those blurry lines, it is very artistic, like an oil painting. Beautiful photograph!!

  14. lasiate says:

    un bel effet de coulures créatif

  15. Gérard says:

    Insolite et belle transformation de la nature

  16. Sidney says:

    Nice effect...abstract but not too much...I like this !

  17. Franck says:

    Great idea ! And this forest is perfect for your experience. Bravo !

  18. Benjamin Gustafsson says:

    This really looks like a painting! Even though the subject is obscured you still get a strong sense of mood. Very neat piece of work!

  19. John Maslowski says:

    Brilliant creation of an abstract from this beautiful forest. Excellent work!

  20. cara says:

    Sooo Cool!! I love this. And I bet it was a lot harder to do it well than it might seem.

  21. Brian Chen says:

    Very nice abstract of the woods.

  22. ShamWOW! says:

    Inspires a feeling of anxiousness. I can almost hear the running and heavy breathing.

  23. Mindy | f-stopMarin says:

    Great effect. Looks dreamy. I'll have to try it. Thanks.

  24. bluechameleon says:

    Wow! This is simply stunning! I love how it appears to be shot though textured/blurred glass. Stellar!!

  25. Michael Rawluk says:

    That is a stuning piece of art.

  26. One says:

    This is a true masterpiece, a true work of art! Congratulations!

  27. Ivar says:

    Excellent capture, the long exposure and movement really makes this a piece of art. Stunning.

  28. oldshutterhand says:

    I like the motion blur on that immobile trees.

  29. Beat says:

    magigal and mysthic abstract with beautifull colors. well done Ilan!

  30. cat says:

    Gorgeous colours! It makes me think of a watercolour painting, where you soak the paper beforehand and then let the colours run down, and of a scene glimpsed through a train window as you go past very fast. (Actually it reminds me of Russia for some reason!)

  31. says:

    Superb and very artiistic shot ... excellent job Ilian

  32. Tatiana says:

    Very nice !!!

  33. Klaus says:

    Cool work ... like the creative idea. Good luck for the relaunch

  34. Giovanni says:

    This is a fantastic effect!! Love it!

  35. aurore says:

    j'aime cet effet!

  36. GJC says:

    A clever idea that's well executed. Makes for an interesting abstract.

  37. Víctor Roblas says:

    Wow, good blur and good idea¡¡ Very creative. B.R.

  38. Jonas says:

    You succeeded in producing a beautiful image. I wouldn't say it's an abstract one, we can recognize the nature here, and that's how we see forests sometimes, when traveling or dreaming...

  39. Denis says:

    This is really an awesome capture. Very good. awaiting for more pictures !

  40. rhys says:

    this is quite impressionistic and also reminds me of the famous German painter Gerhard Richter. Nice.

  41. mononeil says:

    Graphic and artistic image. Nice one.

  42. don says:

    I like this abstraction of the forest. The verticals with the "swooshy" blur is very effective. Nice one.

  43. NJ & SB Photography says:

    Muy buena, perfecta exposición y un color estupendo!!

  44. Terry H. says:

    Artsy fartsy but cool!

  45. Manuela says:

    Une forêt magique!!
    L'imagination tourbillonne...
    Bonne soirée.

  46. Anonymous

    excellent image - I like it a lot

  47. Lorraine says:

    A fine abstract. I also enjoyed reading and learning about lens tilt.

  48. Alex says:

    Una obra de arte abstracta, lo cual me gusta por que llama la atencion, buen trabajo.

  49. k@ says:

    Exactly what I (don't :) see when I don't wear my contact lenses ;/ Love the lines like a painting !

  50. Ankush. says:

    it looks like a painting, nice work.

  51. martineb says:

    Nice effect, very beautiful abstact shot !

  52. daina says:

    Yes, it is a “painting” and also a straight photograph which is an unusual combination. I like the simplicity and the repetition of a single subject (trees) to create a striking pattern and an overall rhythm. It is very impressionistic and the colors are wonderful. Would look great large and framed – very lovely Ilan!

  53. Robert Kruh says:

    Ilan, this is stunning! Magical! Great work!

  54. João André Farinha says:

    This is really well done. So much better than the one I posted recently.

  55. Elaine- says:

    this is waaaaay better than my tree picture! lol very cool, and YOURS looks like a painting, i dig it!!!

  56. Ginnie says:

    This would be a great abstract for a psychologist's office, Ilan! :)

  57. rian says:

    pretty cool abstract.. it's nice to know how you were able to obtain this effect.. nice work!

  58. 10fraction says:

    I am positively enthousiastic about this one, I adore this picture, it's so artistic, a real beauty

  59. jo says:

    Drawing with your camera and light, I love it, puts you in the image with your movement.

  60. Nicolas says:

    Great view of a simple place I guess.

  61. Doum says:

    Same than many other commenters, the result like art, painting canvas. Bravo.

  62. aleksarus says:

    Ilan you are like a impresssionist who creates oil paintings. Nice work

  63. martie says:

    I really like this one - and echo others in saying that it looks like impressionist art! The greens are really attractive and the lighting is wonderful.

  64. om says:

    Beautiful. excellent outcome.

  65. Nathan says:

    Cool effect. The tones and colors are also great.

  66. eva baila says:

    As a paint ! very good !

  67. Nico says:

    Hello, merci de ta visite, superbe prises.
    Je te dis à bientôt et encore bravo pour ton site

    New !!!
    my book:

  68. mike says:

    Magnifique flou, j'aime beaucoup.
    Merci de ton passage sur mon blog

  69. Veronelle says:

    nice composition, great idea the long exposure

  70. Observing says:

    I like the abstract - graphic effect, the technique of tilting is put to good use here.

  71. Mario ISO101 says:

    Interesting image!

  72. Steve says:

    A very cool effect.

  73. Framed and Shot says:

    Nice, very arty. Did you tild while exposing?

  74. standley says:

    What a wonderful abstract. Well done indeed!

  75. jpla says:

    Un effet surprenant et intéressant.

  76. T and S says:

    Stunning overall effect Ilan.

    The sense of motion blur that you have created using vertical panning is awesome.

  77. kerfendal says:

    excellent, great abstract pic

  78. lusyamcoga says:

    quel effet !! c'est splendide ! nous voici dans la 4° dimension... bravo !

  79. Anonymous

    splendide, stef67^^

  80. cako says:

    Very abstract ... interesting effect.

  81. Kafia says:

    Well thanks!!

    This photo seems that we are running in the middle of the florest :)

  82. Yvon says:

    Excellent treatment.

  83. Tricia says:

    Wow! Sooo coool!

  84. CraigM says:

    Great effect in this one, I almost expect something alien to dash across the frame :) Great work as always.

  85. Mike says:

    Wow, I'm super dizzy now! But I love it. Great idea

  86. JJ says:

    What a really cool abstract

    Yes the Gapstow bridge is in central park, at the 50th Street end of the park

  87. Jinksee says:

    Aren't these the best forests!? Great photo. Lots of imagination.

  88. cuentosbrujos says:

    es desenfoque de movimiento?
    el efecto general es muy bueno
    prece una pintura me gustan las sensaciones

  89. Zing says:

    This is awesome, very cool!

  90. Philippe says:

    Thanks for your cool words ...etje continue en français, je viens de parcourir ton univers et il me plait beaucoup, de bien belles photos et beaucoup d'inspiration, je reviendrais, Phil.

  91. philzoc says:

    So poetic ! Great !!

  92. ixbé says:

    Very nice shot, almost like painting!

  93. TSL says:

    Instantly falling in love with this great picture.

  94. AC says:

    Looks like something from the Blair Witch Project. Interesting concept.

  95. Stefan H. Kristinsson says:

    Cool! :D

    Looks like watercolor painting gone wrong... but in a good way.

    Very interesting effects you can do with these tilt lenses. :)

  96. vera says:

    tres bel effect- periode futuriste italienne s il y avait un élément dynamique

  97. Marco says:

    Whoot, great work Ilan. What an artistic picture! It's really gorgious to look at. Excellent shot.

  98. sil says:

    Wonderful effect! Love the tones and the movement in it.

  99. flo g says:

    tres créatif.. belle harmonie de tons pour cet effet répétitif.

  100. says:

    kind of like a zoom effect when you have a tilt/shift to play with? it's cool! feels like an acrylic painting. really inspiring in that regard actually.

  101. Ian says:

    Nice, Ilan - you've got quite a result, here :-) It's a splendid blend of colours and light.

  102. rian says:

    cool stuff here.. very nice concept and very well executed.. nice shot.. :)

  103. Nico.L says:

    Bonjour ilan !

    Very graphic shoot !!
    Love it....

  104. namaki says:

    This is stunning ! so graphic and yet very artistic ! an abstract painting !

  105. joshi daniel says:

    nice abstractness!

  106. david says:

    the painterly effect works beautifully here

  107. Kiji says:

    great photos in your blog!
    I voted for you on the 2009 photoblog awards! Good luck ;)

  108. haude says:

    Bravo, excellent... j'aime bcq!

  109. Ståle says:

    This is real art. Looks like a painting in its way. I really liked this shot with its dreamyness andsuggestion of something more thanwhat you see. It opens new doors to the imagination.

  110. Tripodhead says:

    Cool shot Ilan. I like everything about it. Nice work. :)

  111. Anna says:

    Ilan you got very creative eye. Anna :)

  112. O s k a r f o t O says:

    Beautiful scenery and colors. It gives a sense of tranquillity.

  113. LightningPaul says:

    Looks great!

    I saw such images already in a few magazines but it's the first on a photoblog. I must make one myself one day :-)

    The front tree in the middle is a bit disturbing (perhaps better to place on a third).
    I like the fact that you see the ground, middle part of trees and the leaves.

  114. ViennaDaily says:

    Beautiful, painting like image, Monet!

  115. VALKYRIEN says:

    Simply love this photo! Looks like an abstract painting! I could dream away looking at this!

    Thanks for visiting my blog - and your cind words! Interesting blog you have also! I have to practice shooting photos of people...... :)

  116. Matt says:

    Not saying anything new here, but I can't help saying it too- this is an interesting effect! I was sure at first glance that it was some kind of photoshop effect applied, but the fact it was captured naturally gives it a certain appeal.

  117. pando says:

    Amazing effect!

  118. Morten says:

    Great forest shot. I've only done this once, and the result is excellent. Almost like a painting. Well done!

  119. kRiZ cPEc says:

    impressive! thanks for sharing

  120. Celanova says:

    Inquietente captura, me ha fascinado.

  121. Sylvain says:

    Celle-ci est ma préférée. C'est une très bonne idée à approfondir. Les couleurs sont très douces et l'ambiance agréable.

  122. Francesco Gallarotti says:

    Very intriguing... I have seen before a few people doing horizontal pans long exposures on landscapes, but this one is more interesting... it has a dreamy feel... very nice

  123. Mileta Nikoletic

    This one's most definitely worth having up an a wall on canvas. Love the colors, love the blur and the way you've done it. Most blur usually looks intentional and fake, this blur looks artistic.

  124. enoxisureka says:

    This abstract stayed in my mind and over the weekend, whilst at brunch, I was staring at a scene in front of me through a new (abstract) perspective. Your shots are quite memorable sir!

  125. stephaniesays says:

    I love this photo! I may try to emulate it - thought I don't have any lens babys or the like...


  126. Anonymous

    I love this one

  127. Anonymous

    Just wonderful! Bravo.

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