Flying Fish

Posted on Mar 16, 2009 - 135 comments -

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Few updates -
During the next few days (close the weekend more precisely) I'm having a HUGE blog upgrade-update :), so I'm expecting a (hopefully very) short downtime.
Don't be alarmed if you'll enter the blog and won't recognize it :)

And - Just bought tickets to Barcelona! Yey! I'll be there during Easter, for a week, celebrating 8 year anniversary with my girlfriend. So, if there are any recommendations, I'm open to suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. rhys says:

    great image, looking foward to seeing your new site.

  2. cat says:

    How lovely - the look of wonder on that kid's face. And how the fish are in their own little frame, so we can look at them as well.

    Good luck with your new site - looking forward to seeing it :)

  3. Tatiana says:

    Une ambiance réussie.. belle photo !

  4. david says:

    excellent shot; i love the lighting and the expression on the girl's face.

  5. Daniel says:

    Great composition and light.

  6. pando says:

    Beautiful lighting. Excellent portrait.

  7. says:

    Wonderfull image, love the composition and light in this shot ... well done!

  8. beanow says:

    I agree with Krims...great.

  9. abhijit says:

    lovely light captured on the face

  10. Joaquin Arias says:

    Great shot, the grain and the look of the girls are really interesting!

    If you come to the south of Spain I'll meet you! Have nice days in Barcelona!

  11. Markus Spring says:

    gorgeous b&w, faces and fish seem to be soaring through the night. And the expression of the girl is wonderful!

    Re. Barcelona: take care of your belongings. B. is the only place I got pickpocketed in 30 years of traveling...

  12. Michele says:

    just beautiful. especially the light on her face and shoulder.

  13. Anonymous

    I like her expression and the lighting

  14. CraigM says:

    Pensive amazement caught in this frame, well spotted as always. Look forward to the new design!

  15. Polydactyle says:

    Sublim portrait. The grain is wonderful.

  16. Ankush. says:

    great capture, innocent expression. Barcelona sounds fun, have a great trip.

  17. Mike says:

    She seems in another world. Great timing and expression.

  18. Arromen says:

    This is really intense! I like it.

  19. k@ says:

    Ilan, I love this one, its grainy mood, the way the lil'girl looks, the frame, the intimacy, the movement, I love everything here - brava**

  20. Jinksee says:

    Fantastic photo! :D Love the dreamy expression on her face. Have fun on your trip!! My suggestion would be: take lots of photos and eat lots of ice cream. :D

  21. yz says:

    such a dreamy image
    beautiful light on her face

  22. Ian says:

    Gorgeous b/w, mate. It took a moment for me to see/realise the fish, mostly because the light's so beautiful... fabulous image, man.

  23. Arjan - PlasticDaisy says:

    Very nice how you captured this low light scene. The look on the girls face is very nice.

  24. Andy says:

    Looks like she is mesmerized by the fish. really nice shot!

  25. daina says:

    Very beautiful Ilan – she seems to be in another world and the light feels as if from another world also – it all feels ethereal.

  26. Calusarus says:

    A very nice mood here. Congratulations.

  27. Tricia says:

    That's Great! You two have FUN & be careful too!!!

  28. mononeil says:

    Wonderful composition. Works well in B&W. Nice one.

  29. Averi says:

    Grain, b&w, superb light and a portrait: a great receipe for a wonderful image!

  30. XaviH says:

    Mmmm... very nice available-light shoot here, I like the expression and the ambience, but find annoying the grainy of the face... ISO noise?

    So you will come to Barcelona!! Cool, you will enjoy for sure!!

  31. Phototherapy says:

    Superb face and light falling on... It's so beautiful that I am a bit disturbed by the ... fish :)
    Love the grain, too.

    Barcelona=Gaudi, but it's crowdy :)

  32. Elad says:

    Haaa, Barcelona..

    If you take a stroll around here: (link to ggl maps) - with a little luck you will have a wonderful surprise.

    Now get into the mood:

    Lovely shot too.. :)

  33. Robbie Veldwijk says:

    Nice dreaming picture! Good photo!

  34. says:

    love that dreamy feeling, looks like angels - such a great capture ilian - waiting for your new clothes site ;))

  35. Anita says:

    Beautiful light on this beautiful child!

  36. Elaine- says:

    gorgeous shot! love the dreamy look on the girls face, suggestions? marry the girl!! lol

  37. Turnbill says:

    That's lovely. Her focus seems to be on some distant, mystical thought.

  38. Jonas says:

    Looking at the fishes, she is dreaming of this another world... We all have been there, also dreaming. That may be why your capture of her look is so moving. A very fine shot!

  39. JJ says:

    Superb capture, great lighting and expression on the girls face, makes me wonder what she is thinking

  40. Framed and Shot says:

    Lovely expressions in her face and the graininess makes it look like a film shot. We thought they were looking through a window until we saw the fish (yes, kinda slow).
    Good luck on the HUGE upgrade and the trip to Barcelona.

  41. SD (Aspherical) says:

    Fantastic framing and an amazing expression on her face. I really like this.

  42. erickc

    love this shot ^^

  43. Ivar says:

    Great shot, love the dreamy look in her eyes, watching the fish... the grains are perfect for the shot too.

    Good luck on the upgrade :)

  44. tetsu says:

    Nice usage of shadow! :-)

  45. says:

    great expression. wistful. and congratulations. never been to barcelona. sounds awesome.

  46. Soe says:

    First of all, looking forward to your new site !!
    Nice low light photo; seems the girl is in her own little world... dreaming about swimming around like those fishes?
    Great Capture, btw!

  47. Mindy says:

    She wishes she could swim with the fish. And I wish I could walk down on Las Ramblas with you in Barcelona.
    Buen viaje.

  48. Zing says:

    Great photo, nice lighting!

  49. standley says:

    Superb portrait. I like the mood!

  50. elaine says:

    the light here is simply wonderful and I love teh expression on her face! In barcelona, you should go to the Tibidabo (or a name like this) the hill above the city :)

  51. Marcie says:

    Fantastic! Love the quality of light..and the beauty and wonderment you captured.

  52. Ginnie says:

    Barcelona is such a fabulous city, Ilan. Make sure you see La Sagrada Familia and any other Gaudi sites possible, like the Park Gruell. And La Rambla pedestrian street, of course, and the pier at the end. You'll have a great time.

  53. aleksarus says:

    poetic image!

  54. cako says:

    Beautiful portrait shot of this dreaming girl.

  55. WABIKOJA says:

    Really nice shot. You've captured a mood.

  56. Astrid says:

    Ilan, now I was able to go through your archive, I think you do an incredible job, so much different topics and pictures, wonderful, a likey to me.
    ....and Barcelona is wonderful, I like to go back there once again.

  57. Spacefrog says:

    Great shot. The light is so nice !

  58. Liang says:

    an excellent candid portrait here ilan! great that you're going to barcelona, i wish i could go there! couldn't give you suggestions though hehe.. =D

  59. AC says:

    Beautiful portrait. I really like the expression you've captured..she seems to be looking and not looking at the same time.

  60. Olivier says:

    Quel regard fasciné !

  61. Hoai Bao - Journal of Photography says:

    Nice lighting, love her expression. Have fun in Barcelona!!!

  62. Alexandra says:

    Beautiful. Lovely mood enhanced in the grainy black and white.

  63. NJ & SB Photography says:

    muy bella captura, un retrato bien tratado y bien iluminado!

  64. Víctor Roblas says:

    Wow, its a gorgeus capture¡¡ looks like a painting¡¡ Best Regards¡¡

  65. Susan says:

    Fantastic capture! Love the monotone processing.

  66. lasiate says:

    très jolie pose et belle lumière. Le gain vraiment trop gros sur le visage enlève beaucoup de douceur à l'image

  67. Mahbubur Rahman says:

    Very nice - the documentary feel is there, which is awesome and I love it...

  68. Lorraine says:

    How mesmerized she is by the fish. The black and white tone and lighting adds to an otherworldly feel.

  69. Tripodhead says:

    Good capture Ilan. You captured the young girls thoughts well.

  70. rian says:

    very nice candid.. i like that expression on her face.. nice work.. :)

  71. Ginnie says:

    The B&W makes it even more dramatic, Ilan, I'm sure.

  72. One says:

    Magnificent composition and very beautiful portraits

  73. bluechameleon says:

    Beautiful shot! I love the way she is mesmerized by what is behind the glass...the light on her face shows such expression.

    Good luck with your upgrade, I look forward to seeing the 'new you'!

  74. Michael Rawluk says:

    That is a terrific shot woth very nice b+w tones.

  75. 10Fraction says:

    impressive, a great picture, I love the girls attitude, marvelously shot

  76. joshidaniel says:

    nice emotive image and hope you will have a great time celebrating your anniversary!

  77. Doum says:

    WOW! Excellent composition. Yoyo choose right element (noise, B&W) to compose great ambiance. Bravo.

  78. don says:

    This is a fine picture of the girl enthralled with the interesting view. A very strong image. Have a great trip!

  79. barfly says:

    This is amazing photo... Can't stop enjoying this!
    Superbly seen and capture, thanks a lot for sharing!

  80. Nathan says:

    I love the feel of this photo and the expression on the girl's face. The lighting is awesome too.

  81. Claude says:

    Very magical, looking at fish thru a window! Never been to Barcelona, but if you're into food, there is a chef who does extraordinary things with chemistry. His name is Ferran Adria, his restaurant is El Bulli and it's 2 hours out of town in a small town called Rosas. If you want to impress your girlfriend and propose to her, that would be quite a setting. Have a GREAT trip.

  82. Benjamin Gustafsson says:

    Beautiful expression. Her eyes have a lot to say.

  83. Cristina says:

    Merci de votre visite.
    Je parle français et un peu portugais, pardon.
    Votre photo est superbe et très émouvante.

  84. Wolfgang says:

    Wonderful photo, love the composition and the light ...

  85. Jean-François says:

    Une fabuleuse photo ......... très très sensible ...... !

  86. Kayode Okeyode says:

    Very nice light; love her expression as well

  87. Alline says:

    Les rêves en évasion dans un regard...

    Merci pour ta visite dans mes ailleurs... avec joie je découvre à mon tour ton univers..

  88. Terry H. says:

    Wonderful shot. Love the mood. Cool that you can see a few fish so you know where the little girl is located.

  89. vera says:

    interesting this angle !but it is a little noisy

  90. John Maslowski says:

    Beautiful shot, great light with excellent dark contrasts.

  91. Gérard says:

    Une belle photo mélancolique de l'enfance sur un bon N&B

  92. JMS says:

    Magnifique attitude, éclairage subtil du sujet.
    J'aime jusqu'aux grains sur cette photo.

  93. Anna says:

    You have captured beautiful face expression! Anna :)

  94. Kourosh Rad says:

    Nice picture, very simple and meaningful.
    Would love to see your new blogs with some shots from Barcelona ;)
    Have fun!

  95. Chapa says:

    Good photo!

  96. GJC says:

    The pose seems almost like something from a Renaissance painting. Very striking.

  97. Ashish Sidapara says:

    Beautiful portrait!

  98. Walter Neiger says:

    outstanding ... a masterpiece ... bravo !!!

  99. ben says:

    La lumière est intéressante, le cadrage aussi. Mais trop de bruit à mon gout

  100. Manuela says:

    Cette photo est très troublante!!

  101. martie says:

    Beautiful portrait and processing! Enjoy Barcelona!

  102. Myrtle Beach says:

    Is it true that the rain in Spain falls mainly in Spring?

  103. Kafia says:


    Thanks for the coment!I love it!

    I love pictures in black and white and this one is very good!

    The expression of the girl is amazing! Great Jog!

    Keep doing it ;)

    And... I'm waiting for your visit again ;)

  104. marco's light opinion says:

    Superb, Ilan.
    You captured a very intimate and wonderful moment, and I love the light here.

  105. Beat says:

    another excellent shot. just fantastic how you captured this scene.

  106. Godo says:

    Great shot Ilan.
    I love the noise processing in this B&W capture
    Good job

  107. Darietto says:

    Great as usual! She looks like in ecstasy...I don't know how to explain :)

    Ps. I'll be in Barcellona for Easter too! It would be great to meet each other.

  108. aurore says:

    un grain argentique je suppose? joli regard sur cet aquarium

  109. Daniel Muniz says:

    Hi, great pictures here, both bw and color. This one have a great light and one amazing sense of moment.

    And thx for your comment ;)

  110. Anonymous

    love the picture

  111. Nico.L says:

    Bonjour ilan !!

    Thanks for your comment !

    I love this shot !
    Good B&W traitement.. And the high ISO atmospher

    See you


  112. Pere Chuliá says:

    Muchas gracias por tus interesantes comentarios.
    Esta fotografía es auténticamente impresionante. Me gusta el control de la luz y la expresión de la niña. Un verdadero "momento decisivo".

  113. Giovanni says:

    Great composition and light! Love the girl's expression. I look forward to seeing your new site.

  114. Klaus says:

    Perfect emotions .. well captured Ilan

  115. LightningPaul says:

    Together with the title it's a nice funny image :-)

    I wish you a great trip to Barcelona, it's a fantastic city.

  116. flo g says:

    somptueuse.. lumiere, mouvement, regard, attitude rêveuse de la petite fille, jusqu'à la bretelle sur son épaule..: bravo, c'est tres tres beau

  117. Valérie says:

    Wahou! Nice dream picture! L'expression de la jeune fille, la compo, le traitement ... tout y est ! Bravo Ilan!

  118. Yvon says:

    Very nice.
    Excellent B/W.

  119. Ricardo says:

    Very good, perfectly conveys the situation very well edited.

  120. Peter Knoop says:

    Love the mood in this shot. Great work!

  121. cuentosbrujos says:

    Despite the noise, an image is strong, very powerful, the look is wonderful and has many merits have attracted

  122. Tim Corbeel says:

    Wonderful capture!
    Like the expression on the girls face :)

  123. Bernard says:

    Fantastique portrait plein de sensibilité et d'émotion, j'aime beaucoup.

  124. lgb says:

    Beautiful expression and an excellent composition. A great b&w!

  125. T and S says:

    That's such a cute girl and your image is a top notch capture of her expression. Excellent.

  126. Franck says:

    Very good portrait with this light ! Great shot ...

  127. jo says:

    What a moment, such portraits are hard to take, but you made it look easy. The sign of talent!

  128. claude says:

    Excellent portait, very moody!

  129. m a r t a says:

    Yes, fish can be fascinating, love it how the kids get so absorved while looking at the aquarium. Have fun in Barcelona and don't forget your camera! ;)

  130. Annephoto says:

    I discover your blog and I really like what I see !!! This one is beautiful !!!!

  131. Tecoloxtitla says:

    Me gusta mucho esta foto, la mirada de sorpresa, de descubrimiento le da mucho encanto

  132. Craig Ferguson says:

    Great portrait. I like her gaze.

  133. om says:

    Lovely portrait. great light.

  134. falk says:

    Great! Expressions of the kid wonderfully captured. Great one!

  135. flyingwind says:

    Appreciate her EYES!!! Vote!

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