Under the Moonlight

Posted on Feb 16, 2009 - 84 comments -

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A bit late but - Happy Valentine's :).
That's the most romantic photo I have (which wasn't uploaded yet).

Oh, and it seems like the 2009 Photoblog Awards are up, so if you feel like it AND if you enjoy this blog AND you are not too tired AND feel generous, please vote. For me, if that's ok with you. :)

*AAhhh! I accidentally deleted a comment by Brian! Brian, please, excuse me! Re-comment if you are not too mad :)

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  1. Mindy says:

    Lots of beautiful light here. Nicely balanced frame, horizontally. I's have cropped off some of the top and bottom, though, for more pano dimenisions. That would draw more attention to the strongest elements,those beautiful tents, moon and distant city lights. Don't take me too seriously...just an opinion.

  2. Oeilonirique says:

    The lights in the background take shape of stars fallen from the sky.

  3. Anonymous

    a very beautiful scene - perfectly captured

  4. cat says:

    How beautiful, I love the moon and the distant lights on the other side of the Kinneret. It's an amazing place.

    It looks like you're better at finding good campsites than me - the last place we went to was more crowded than Tel Aviv :)

  5. Elad says:

    The strong motif here is the size; the relativeness of the tents, the city, the moon and, well the shrinking kineret..

  6. Krims@nline.be says:

    Wonderfull capture, very romantic ... ! Well done

  7. Ivar says:

    Great light on the tents, really like how they cast shadows out into the water where the reflection of the moonlight make the shadows disappear. The city lights are spetacular.

    great photo.

  8. pando says:

    Very moody. What a wonderful light!

  9. Ralf says:

    Great with the Tents in the front!

  10. claude says:

    Beautiful scene, very romantic!

  11. Kourosh Rad says:

    Awesome picture. LOVE IT!! And I have voted for you, I absolutely enjoy your pictures
    Keep up the good work ;)

  12. nissou* says:

    it's indeed a very cool and romantic place! nice picture to remember a special moment

  13. Phototherapy says:

    Excellent, the camping idea for Valentine :)
    For the photo, hhmm, I love the bottom part, almost b_w with the moon reflection. For the top part, I find it a little bit too bright (...and noisy), disturbing the bottom part, to my opinion :)

  14. Jinksee says:

    very romantic indeed. :D

  15. k@ says:

    Oooooh, very romantic tents and view, indeed - incredible light you have here, the city is beautiful from here, bravo ~

  16. Marcie says:

    Stunning night landscape. Love the light of the campers in their tents balanced with that of the moon. Must be a day for 'moons'???

  17. Polydactyle says:

    A lovely scene. Very nice night shot!

  18. yz says:

    cool, love how the light at the tents answers the mood

  19. Xavier Rey says:

    good work !

  20. Nicolas says:

    Great landscape ! The two tents are really nice !

  21. WABIKOJA says:

    Excellent composition well framed!

  22. Beat says:

    What a beautifull image. outstanding!!

  23. Tricia says:

    Your photography is
    S P E C T A C U L A R !!! I'll be happy to vote for you! I'm so glad you left a comment on my "The World in Black & White" photo, otherwise, I may never have found your beautiful photos!!!

  24. William Darhy says:

    interesting moon light in this camping scene

  25. emillamola says:

    Realmente una noche mágica. Muy bonita.

  26. Elaine- says:

    exquisite light from all around.. love it,very romantic

  27. RHYS says:

    A damn fine shot Ilan. The tents just make it work. Top notch.

  28. robertiez says:

    Amazing shot!!! Congratulations:)

  29. Klaus says:

    Very creative idea .. nice play with the lights

  30. Peter Knoop says:

    That is a romantic shot indeed! Well captured.

  31. daina says:

    So many lovely elements – I especially like the “string” of lights that lead to the city and the shape of the tents being the same as the shape of the moon. A remarkable image!

  32. cako says:

    This is really a very romantic atmosphere. Great !

  33. Ida says:

    Best wishes for you ;) wonderful image for loving... :)

  34. LightningPaul says:

    Indeed the most romantic one. It will become even more romantic when the people of the two tents will sleep in one tent :-)

    The background is very nice.

  35. Walter Neiger says:

    nice shot ... I like the contrast between the tents and the lights of the city in the background.

  36. Phototherapy says:

    Not so disturbing in fact :), I love the moon talking to the city and the tents.

  37. Roberta says:

    That's a beautiful shot. I'm divided between wanting to look at the city and the campers in the tents. The lighting really brings those tents to life.

  38. EYES WIDE SHUT says:

    A wonderful photograph, really well captured. Bravo

  39. Kourosh Rad says:

    Just wanted to thank you for your vote.
    p.s. I voted for you as well a few days ago. You well deserve it ;)

  40. paolo says:

    i love this shot! from the tents, to the reflections.. to the moon, i mean it's magical!

  41. Sophie Asselin says:

    Very nice shot Ilan !

  42. John says:

    Great composed and exposed night shot, Ilan!

  43. Terry H. says:

    Very cool shot but I had to laugh because my lady would not find camping to be very romantic. The view is beautiful!

  44. sherri says:

    Quite amazing. Those lit up tents are pretty. We used to camp in a tent...lots of fun.

  45. John Maslowski says:

    Truly a stunning and beautiful night shot. Love the lighting of the distant town, the moonlight and especially the tents. Awesome work and composition.

  46. Luis says:

    this is a really nice nightscape, very nice composition

  47. Jim says:

    Outstanding composition making brilliant use of the available light.

  48. man says:

    wow this is great . come see my photos here if u like http://www.flickr.com/photos/tintin3

  49. Gentse Koppen says:

    romance in in the air

  50. Giovanni says:

    A lovely and romantic night scene!! Beautiful image!

  51. ronan says:

    good evening and have a sweet night.
    Valentine day is every day !!!

  52. Rolf says:

    Beautiful scene, romantic angle!

  53. Albert says:

    Beautiful photography, the process is beautiful, a great job.

  54. Framed and Shot says:

    Very nice! Can only imagine the atmosphere watching this from a tent opening.... Great!

  55. Susan says:

    Wonderful shot...just a fantastic composition very well done!

  56. 613photo says:

    The city lights look quite a bit like a lava flow or something. I think it's wonderfully composed and is a great shot, but something may have went wrong with your post-processing or maybe it's just the JPG conversion. I'm seeing a lot of banding around the moon. That's nothing that can't be fixed for printing though.

  57. Mario says:

    What a neat place for a fresh camping night. Fantastic view. You caught the scene in a superb way.

  58. vera says:

    ouh!successfull! and original st Valentin in the nature along the river! under the moon...

  59. Paradise says:

    Its wonderfullll!!!lovely light amazing photo!

  60. Mario ISO101 says:

    Nice night shot!!!

    You already have my vote at photoblog awards! I hope you also liked my work! Thanks for comment!

    Regards from Barcelona!

  61. rem_la says:

    superbe composition !!

  62. Pradeep says:

    Beautiful shot...very serene and peaceful. Love it :)

  63. CushmoK says:

    very nice night shot indeed.. so cool and romantic..

  64. Benjamin Gustafsson says:

    I love the little dotted lights of the city...Magnificent!

  65. Wolfgang says:

    Wonderful composition ... I like the colours, the lights and this peaceful atmosphere.

  66. Buonaluce says:

    This is so incredible and full of atmosphere... Congratulations

  67. rian says:

    now that's a cool scene i don't see often.. nice shot.. and votes in too.. ;D

  68. elaine says:

    of course I voted for you :) This is a great light again: not so easy to shoot at night but you truly know how to do it!

  69. Ståle says:

    Really romantic light from the moon and the city. I like the colours and the mood of solitude you've managed to capture with the tents in the wilderness only a short distance from the bright city lights. The mood is strengthened by the contrast between the city and the wilderness. But to me the branches on either side at the bottom of the picture steals too much attention.

  70. Radel says:

    beautiful framing.. very picturesque location I have to say.

  71. Ashish Sidapara says:

    One of ur best for sure, beautiful!

  72. Andrés says:

    Exellent night shot and indeed romantic. I like it very much!!

  73. Jason St. Peter says:

    SOme wonderful street work in your blog, this shot is wonderful!

  74. Marius says:

    Wow.. I like it :O)

  75. Bogdan says:

    Brilliant picture. This is my favourite. If you don't mind, i think it will look better without the bottom side. I don't like that green ...thing :D anyway...very nice shot.

  76. SePp says:

    great photograhy on your blog!!! I like this one. Great place to sleep :-)

  77. martie says:


  78. James says:

    That's a wonderful shot, looks like it should be from some kind of teenage romance novel.

  79. puglyfeet says:

    You got my vote. This is lovely.
    Fellow CS student,
    Katrina aka Puglyfeet

  80. Emily Setzer says:

    This is lovely. Where was it taken? I like your photoblog as well - keep up the good work!

  81. matt says:

    wow. this is beautiful. wish i was there.

  82. Lights from Varanasi says:

    Thnks for ur nice comment
    Your's pics are realy nice wit vibrant color

  83. aurore says:

    superbe, absolument superbe!

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