Ice Cream Lady

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  1. elaine says:

    Yesss I m the first to comment! excellent light Ilan ... what ISO did you use to have it so sharp?

  2. a.h.lex says:

    The light and atmosphere is beautiful! The scenery is interesting. Nice photo!

  3. Ilan says:

    Hi Elaine, you are quick :)
    Here is the camera setting -
    Camera: Nikon D80
    Exposure: 0.025 sec (1/40)
    Aperture: f/3.5
    Focal Length: 22 mm
    ISO Speed: 640

    Thanks for your comment! :)

  4. yz says:

    great composition and lighting
    love the mood

  5. pando says:

    Magical! I love this light ;)

  6. NJ & SB Photography says:

    Muy bueno este contraluz, siempre son complicados y lo has resuelto muy bien!

  7. Anonymous

    very beautiful scene and lighting

  8. L' says:

    Incredible light and stunning idea here.

  9. Giovanni says:

    Such a beautiful scene! The ligting is fantastic!

  10. Pere Chuliá says:

    Preciosa iluminación. Gran trabajo. Saludos.

  11. says:

    Wonderfull, this is what I missed, the ice cream lady in my dream ... that should have completed the fairytail. Well done, excellent light :-)

  12. Ståle says:

    I like the concentrated light on this shot. Her expression is lovely - and the guys really look as if they can't wait for the scoop to finish the job. It really is a superb moment in time.

  13. cat says:

    פעם הבאה - גלידה!
    Very nice lighting - it looks like an ice cream oasis in a desert of darkness.

    I have no idea where in TA this can be... and I want to know so I can go there :)

  14. Claude says:

    A simple portrait, with superbly lighting!

  15. Benjamin Gustafsson says:

    Great lighting Ilian. Somebody really wants that ice-cream!

  16. Markus Spring says:

    the glass between the viewer and her hands gives the scene something surreal...

    From the exiv data you showed you must have been quite near, however the impression I have is the opposite. Clever!

  17. Averi says:

    Great, great use of light! I love how this creates a point of focus in the picture.

  18. LightningPaul says:

    Nice catch! I like the lighting, the two inpatient men and the cute lady. Good framing.

  19. Kourosh Rad says:

    I very much like the simplicity of this picture. well done

  20. CraigM says:

    Nicely composed & great use of available light, I like how the two foreground figures fall into the darkness. Good stuff!! :O)

  21. Radel says:

    I've said it more than once but great use of light Ilan :) you have captured the scene so well.

  22. 613photo says:

    Awesome. Like everyone else says, it's the lighting. Not the kind of lighting you'd see in a photo of an ice cream stand at all. Very cool.

    Incidentally, when I had nightmares as a kid, they looked like this. Ordinary things in complete darkness.

  23. Ivar says:

    Great shot, as others,I really like the light you got here. Really looks like the guy is about to jump over and help the lady scoop ;)

  24. Jinksee says:

    Oh..I like this one! A. because it's an amazing photo, and b. because I love ice cream! :D Great photo! You capture the anticipation of grabbing that ice cream cone wonderfully! :D

  25. Mindy says:

    Yes...lovely light. The 'glida' in Israel is good enough, but I love the frozen yogurt where they have a rectangular block and mix in fruit and/or sweets as ordered. Wish they had that here.

  26. navin says:

    The lighting is perfect here

  27. Ida says:

    Great shot!!! it's great and i love ice cream so much ;)) BRAVO~ :)

  28. Marcie says:

    Fantastic light. Love how you've captured her glow framed between the two dark shadow figures. Excellent!!!

  29. aleksarus says:

    Good genre foto, but may be in B&W more effective?

  30. Nicolas says:

    Like your composition and the way you're playing with lights

  31. Phototherapy says:

    Great photograph, I like how the scenery is isolated by the black.
    You have a wonderful light here, great job postprocessing it.
    I like the woman smile, and the gesture on the two men.

  32. Kamal says:

    wow. i really like the lighting & the atmosphere. great one.

  33. k@ says:

    What a great light ! Did you fall in love ? With the ice-creams, i meant :))) See ya, Ilan*

  34. Cerstin says:

    Fantastic composition.

  35. Nico.L says:

    Bonjour ilan

    thanks for u're comments... ;)
    Really nice photo ! love the light :)

    see you


  36. Andy says:

    Really nice light in this shot! Makes me want to have an ice cream cone!

    BTW Thanks for visiting my blog and the nice comment!

  37. Hoai Bao says:

    Great photo! I love the lighting and contrast. The lady seems nice.

  38. Elaine- says:

    neat photo!! it's like they are alone, in time, space, and meaning :)

  39. Terry H. says:

    What a great street scene! Ice cream, a favorite of mine. A beautiful young lady with a ice cream scooper in her hand,a favorite of mine. Two guys standing where I should be standing, not a favorite of mine. Great Shot! A favorite of mine!

  40. RHYS says:

    a great piece of metering here, I'd have expected a higher ISO than 640. Are they having a midnight snack? grand shot.

  41. david says:

    the light is fine and i love the way this is framed: superb shot.

  42. Klaus says:

    Well captured Ilan ... love the mood on this one

  43. Paco says:

    un excelente trabajo de luz.


  44. Oeilonirique says:

    Perfectly framed for the purpose of lighting and confrontation of the acting persons

  45. Peter Knoop says:

    Excellent use of the light. Wonderful shot!

  46. Gino Caron says:

    Very great!

  47. Phototherapy says:

    Like Elaine, I have a question, I know Nikon and I am not suprised by the low noise (I'm now Canon and I know about noise :), but about the Kelvin, did you use luminescent ? I am impressed by the white of the light itself, compared to the warm color of the skin. It's like you had two different color temperatures.

  48. Tripodhead says:

    Perfect exposure Ilan. Tones and framing are right on the money. Nice work. :)

  49. jelb says:

    great exposure..Wonderful sharpness..Bravo!

  50. Mike says:

    A superb photo that's really well exposed. Good one.

  51. Ilan says:

    @Phototherapy - I ALWAYS shoot in RAW format. I don't remember the WB settings, but it doesn't really matter to me because I "play" with it when I open the file in NX software.
    RAW is good :)

  52. Ashish Sidapara says:

    Beautiful shot, perfect lighting.

  53. Phototherapy says:

    Yes, always in RAW, me too, of course. I asked that because I was really impressed by these "two" WB in one frame, which brings a lot used with the black background. It's so well seen! Thank you, Ilan. I don't know NX, just CS3.

  54. Stephen Van Tuyl says:

    Great light on this one Ilan!

  55. Alessandro says:

    So simple yet so intimate. Night street photography at its best.

  56. Mario ISO101 says:

    Nice moment you've catched!
    Well done!

  57. Pierre says:

    Superbe. La lumière juste là où il faut. Bravo.

  58. Marco Marques says:

    I like it. Thanks for your comment!

  59. sven says:

    wow, what a light,great!

  60. WABIKOJA says:

    Good composition and very well framed. The color realy nice too.

  61. Jonas says:

    Good light for this street scene nicely captured.

  62. robertiez says:

    Really amazing capture = portrait! Great!

  63. Corpusmind says:

    Really nice shot, The light is great !

  64. Kip Beelman says:

    Me wants in my tummy. Hope there is frozen yogurt 'cuz I'm lactose intolerant. Boo hoo.

    Nice moment.

  65. Grace Olsson

    Hi Ilan, how are u?

    The post where u saw the photos....was about my birthday. Today.
    I am photographer and adored to know u.
    U can use it the the can read a little bit.
    Have nice weekend

  66. om says:

    Excellent exposure. good work.

  67. Alexandra says:

    I love the lighting and mood of this shot. Beautifully exposed

  68. T and S says:

    That's a fabulous shot Ilan. Its almost like its taken in a studio and the fact that this is a street shot makes it a class image.

    Just voted for you at photoblog as well

  69. Jhumur Buragohain says:

    i've added u to my fav blog list!

  70. Jean-François says:

    merci du passage !!!!

    Quelle belle lumière si douce ! bravo ....


  71. Laurens says:

    Nice picture!

  72. Michael says:

    I just love this shot! The lighting and everything about it is just perfect.
    Now I'm getting cravings for ice cream.

  73. rian says:

    very nice street scene, i like how it's exposed.. and she's really pretty! :D

  74. marc says:

    Beautiful photo. Thanks for posting it for the "monthly special." I love the lighting, the framing of the woman, and the shoulders of the man on the right that express his anticipation so well.

  75. Joaquin Arias says:

    I can't see their legs, are they ghosts? :-D Nice and not easy shot.

  76. daina says:

    The lighting is exceptional in this, and the quality (with little grain or artifacts) is amazing for a night shot. The 3 people are so nicely separated from the darkness. Fine work indeed.

  77. jo says:

    I really like how the lighting concentrates my eye just to this little scene, adding a certain intimacy.

  78. bluechameleon says:

    The lighting is just superb!

  79. CushmoK says:

    love the quality of this light island of life...

  80. Darietto says:

    Hi Ilan, thanks for your comment... I love your photoblog too... It's full of ideas and way to improve my shoot!
    This photoblog is a great place to share emotion!

  81. תומר יעקבסון says:

    Hi Ilan
    Great picture man! I like it a lot Thanks 4 sharing!

  82. Víctor Roblas says:

    Thanks for your comments in my blog. This shot is difficult but you've done very well. Sorry for my english. Best Regards.

  83. Turnbill says:

    Wonderful capture - the lighting is just superb.

  84. Geir says:

    Beautiful face, beautiful light, would have liked a closer crop. But this is good stuff.

  85. Juanjo Aza says:

    Superb lighting.

  86. Dan O. De Ment says:

    IIan: Your work is must surely be a professional? I appreciated you taking the time to stop by Open Sky Gallery and enjoyed your comment.

    Dan O. De Ment

  87. Michoclo says:

    Very nice shot Ilan!
    I love the lighting, looks like an Edward Hopper painting...
    Thanks for your last comment on my site. We certainly have the same photographic vision and sensibilty !

  88. le photomane says:

    I do my best to write this words in english but I have some dificulties...alors, je te remercie en français......tes photos sont's a pleasure for my eyes to see your job.....
    have a nice day

  89. JMS says:

    J'aime l'ambiance intime que tu as su créer grâce à la lumière et au cadrage.
    Excellente cette photo !

  90. mihauu says:

    Excellent night shot, wonderful light

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