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  1. cat says:

    Very cool - it looks like a leaf skeleton.
    Actually it would be a nice design concept, for something to do with organic structures.

  2. Phototherapy says:

    I kept fascinated for a moment...
    These leaves are between x-Ray and skeleton, very graphical indeed.
    The hight contrast processing and the framing are very clever, a winner!

  3. MikeH says:

    Wonderful, I see these leaves everyday, they will look different now, thanks...

  4. yz says:

    wow fantastic, very creative view

  5. Jonas says:

    Many times, "abstract" offered by nature lead us beyond the usual abstracts, they let us enter inside hidden structures, which we are also built upon...

  6. says:

    Wow, what an image. Very oriinal and creative. Well done!

  7. Markus Spring says:

    Wow - well seen and processed. In your version that hidden structure really springs out of the image.

  8. Fritsch says:

    Great picture. Makes me want to get out immediately just to sing some songs about spring and the beauty of the coming days. Thanks for sharing such beauty.
    All the best & safe travels,

  9. Elad says:

    Wonderful eye catching texture. My immediate association was some kind of lizard backs.

  10. Catalin Oprea says:

    Nice composition. Good one, bravo.

  11. mononeil says:

    What a interesting composition. Simple. The contrast between the dark leaves and the white veins. Well spotted.

  12. 613photo says:

    Very cool shot here. Wondering if you filtered the lens or if this was post-processing. Either way it's quite striking. Very nice shot.

  13. Ivar says:

    Excellent, i really like this. The sharp contrast between the "veins" and the rest of the leaves is very striking, the b&w processing is great. Like it a lot.

  14. Jinksee says:

    Wow!! I thought this was spiderwebs at first, but at closer glance, I see that it's leaves. Very, very cool. :D

  15. Darrius says:

    one of my favorites from you thus far. reminds me of structures and veins providing life. very cool. great contrast.

  16. Elaine- says:

    reminded me of 'the day after tomorrow' when the guy is falling thru the glass, quit slowly it shows it fracturing under his weight, very cool shot, and neat processing!

  17. k@ says:

    Wow, you turned a simple vegetal close-up into piece of art : real gorgeous in B&W, that's so original, i say a great Bravo*

  18. CraigM says:

    Great abstract provided by nature! I really like the high contrast treatment, the veins look like thorns. Good stuff!

  19. Marcie says:

    Love the abstractness of this image..and how the leaves fill the frame. Fractures - is a perfect title!

  20. WABIKOJA says:

    A fascinating, and very nicely captured, photograph.

  21. sherri says:

    Truly a black and white image and not what I normally refer to as greyscale. It's exceptional in richness and design.

  22. Simone says:

    I like the conversion in black&white for this shot...nice graphism!

  23. John says:

    Great composed and exposed image.

  24. Giovanni says:

    Cool! Love the texture! Beautiful and intriguing graphic composition. Love it!

  25. says:

    Like the white lines that really pop out the shot against the dark color of the leafs

  26. João André Farinha says:

    The choise of black and white really makes this a great photo. It gave it an amazing visual impact.

  27. Phototherapy says:

    I thought to this image today and I saw the Christus crown of thorns in these foliages. Great symbol!

  28. Diane - Daily Walks says:

    Excellent! Especially with the hint of color coming out.

  29. Kamal says:

    wow. never thought of you doing close ups of leaves. i thought you only do street candid shots? LOL.

  30. Westy | P H O T O N O M Y says:

    this is simple but has a a strange concept to it that makes those white lines to it quite artisic... we get these in kenya they are cool

  31. Terry H. says:

    If you had to give them I shot it would not be hard to find a vein. :)

  32. Natalie | says:

    interesting image :) when I first saw it on preview it looked like an image of thorns.. :)
    well captured...

  33. lasiate says:

    un B&W inattendu et superbement réussi

  34. Nicolas says:

    Great, very graphical construction !

  35. ronan says:

    superbe rendu, c'est très graphique

  36. elaine says:

    such a great natural graphism and i like the nearly b&w tones! i would never have spotted this :)

  37. Theodor says:

    Great! Nice contrast - they seem really unreal though they are real!

  38. Anonymous

    I like the contrast and the lines

  39. Oeilonirique says:

    Excellent demonstration of abstract without being really one

  40. Ted Szukalski says:

    great photograph. The contrasty patterns and overall dark tonality really make it.

  41. T and S says:

    Beautiful execution. The image has lovely high contrast and good texture details

  42. Mindy says:

    Amazing. As Phototherapy says, these are like little x-ray skeletons. I imagine them dancing across the frame.

  43. daina says:

    They look sharp and dangerous, yet bold and attractive - terrific sense of design and overall pattern. The deep rich blacks are lovely.

  44. vera says:

    excellent b and w in the tones

  45. Marco Verheul says:

    Hey Ilan, wonderful picture! The heavy contrast is very appealing. Great work.

  46. Mario says:

    Oh! What a gorgeous black and white! Contrasts and lines are magnificient. Well seen and done.

  47. emillamola says:

    Great idea. Diseño puro.

  48. EYES WIDE SHUT says:

    Absolutely stunning. The veinwork is simply incredible

  49. flo g says:

    tres beau n&b, qui révèle quand même un peu de vert sur le bord des feuilles.. tres beau graphisme ;)

  50. Tricia says:

    OMGoodness, this photo is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I love it! The leaves are fantastically lined and colored - love it!

    Thank you for commenting on my photo on The World in Black & White!

  51. Claude says:

    Excellent high contrast image, very graphic. Great idea.

  52. Musa says:

    wow great work.. love to process like that! creme de la creme :-)

  53. William Alexander López says:

    Fantastic Work !, This is a great Black and White , I like the contrast and textures.

    Well done my friend

  54. Michael says:

    This is so cool!

  55. Roberta says:

    Very nice. It has a bold, graphic, in your face style.

  56. Roded.y says:

    Thats a really nice composition.
    Great BW conversion as well.
    I like it!

  57. Rolf Kaul says:

    A creative view and wonderful composition!

  58. Walter Neiger says:

    has a wonderful graphic touch !

  59. robertiez says:

    Impressive photo! I like it!!!ž
    Robert Kruh

  60. z-vet says:

    I just had a look at your photography and i have no words to express how amazed i am. So creative, so stylish. Nice to meet you and thanks.

  61. Averi says:

    Simple and graphical. Very nice B&W, I love the contrast. I really like your work!

  62. claire says:

    really cool shot! love the contrast.

  63. Mike says:

    A very striking abstract. I like it a lot.

  64. Cyril says:

    Hi Ilan, thanks for your comment on my photo blog! :) I discover your talent, great pictures on this site. Keep up the really good work! :)

  65. Los Maniacos says:

    Привет из России:) хорошие фото! спасибо

  66. Klaus says:

    Ilan .. for me a masterpiece .. great work!!

  67. Ida says:

    Wonderful texture! I love it ... :)
    Thanks for visiting :)

  68. marc [shutterpixel] says:

    Hum..just...WOW!! :) Great treatment ! I love it !

  69. Hoai Bao says:

    Very artistic, love the light and shadows. Thank you for stopping by today ;-)

  70. Anonymous

    Nicely done!
    Great image, actually made me stop and observe all the details here.
    Masterfully done, I really enjoyed this photo

  71. Sandra Rocha says:

    Thank's your visit in my blog.
    Fantastic shot.

  72. Susan says:

    Excellent! Very creative post processing and just a great image.

  73. Radel says:

    looks great. very well conceived.

  74. Kourosh Rad says:

    Amazing picture. Great texture, very well done

  75. om says:

    Excellent. perfect process.

  76. bluechameleon says:

    This is just amazing! Your tones and this composition, the random pattern of the lines are mesmerizing! My compliments.

  77. Gentse Koppen says:

    A wonderful pic, a dark pattern that just makes you keep looking

  78. Sven says:

    This is a very good framing and treatment. I like how you desaturated the subject.

  79. pixeldude says:

    Awesome picture. Art by nature catching by phograph.

  80. Franck says:

    Great abstract photo. It's like a forest from the sky. Bravo !

  81. NJ & SB Photography says:

    que bien resueltas estas texturas en B&W, tiene mucha fuerza, me encanta Ilan.

  82. nissou* says:

    I LOVE this one Ilan. great one, with a very nice choice for this contrasted b&w. a simple but effective shot (what kind of plants is this??)

  83. david says:

    very nice...filling the screen like that makes for a very pleasing abstract.

  84. io says:


  85. Ståle says:

    This was exceptional use of patterns in the nature. Fascinating.

  86. zambrean says:

    Very beautiful and interesting shot!

  87. Silencer says:

    Wow, thats an really great abstract shot out of the nature.... I love it ;)

  88. Joe says:


  89. Arromen says:

    Wonderful! I really like this one!

  90. Eugene Nikiforov says:

    great color processing

  91. Kip Beelman says:

    This is seriously bad-ass. Nice!

  92. Brant says:

    Beautifully captured. Love the simplicity and composition of patterns.

  93. Claude B says:

    très beau graphisme dans cette photo, j'aime beaucoup.
    bonne journée

  94. Jasper says:

    Very cool abstract image! Nice job on this one!

  95. Neergaard says:

    Wow, that's an awesome shot man. The motive, colors, feel. Everything is great about it.

  96. puglyfeet says:

    If I can only find ground cover that looks just like this...

  97. cristi says:


    Intristing ways!!! I like very much this tones.

    Best regards,

  98. Anonymous

    ... features.

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