Moment of Joy

Posted on Jan 13, 2009 - 59 comments -

Moment of Joy

It seems good news just keep on coming :)
My Super Animal photo was just chosen by editors as one of
"Top 10 Animal Photos, Decided by Us" (appears as number 9 out of 10).
I totally forgot that I've submitted the photo, and found out about through Digg :)

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  1. Phototherapy says:

    Outstanding framing and composition.
    You built an excellent lightning, very pro :)
    Her joy is communicative...

  2. yz says:

    Lovely shot, excellent framing!

  3. says:

    Like the big contrasts in lights here...makes it different.

  4. João André Farinha says:

    I love the way the air king of looks like the grass, in terms of the paterns. Also great lighting. And a smile like is a joy to behold.

  5. Olivier Jules says:

    beautiful smile

  6. pando says:

    Beautiful portrait. Great work... as usual ;)

  7. Terry H. says:

    Who wouldn't be full of joy knowing their picture would be posted on the best new photoblog of the year. Another photo that makes me smile. Great work!

  8. andy stenz says:

    great shot ilan! the color, contrast - great. the hair is my favorite part.

    congrats on the - that is a funny photo. way to go!

  9. Abhijit says:

    This is a lovely, well composed frame! ice mood captured! I also liked the color contrast!!

  10. Ivar says:

    Beautiful smile, also like how the hair spreads out around her. Great composition too.

    And congrats on another picture award. Well done, and a great photo too :)

  11. says:

    Wonderfull portrait, really beautifull composition. Well doen!

  12. cat says:

    Beautiful shot - the lighting is really superb. I love her hair colour too - it's really beautiful.

    וכל הכבוד!!!!!!!!!!! 2009 היא כבר שנה מוצלחת בשבילך ואנחנו עדיין בינואר :D

  13. navin says:

    Very nice shot and congratulations on the 9th spot. The colours, the expressions and exposure- everything is perfect here

  14. Marcie says:

    Love the emotion you're captured here. Wonderful framing!!!

  15. Nicolas says:

    Your title "moment of Joy" is just perfect !

  16. paolo says:

    how joyful! her hairs seems to melt with the green grass...
    a kind of Mother Nature!

  17. daina says:

    the emotion is real and not posed - and her face is framed so well between the hair and blue of her dress. A joyous image Ilan!

  18. 613photo says:

    Terrific work. I don't think I can say much; other commenters have said what I would say. I did want to give you my congratulations though.

  19. Krissa says:

    lovely girl and shot

  20. Peter Knoop says:

    Looks very joyful indeed! Wonderful composition.

  21. Ashish Sidapara says:

    Beautiful portrait. Congrats on the feature :)

  22. Kamal says:

    this image is beautiful. she is beautiful. a very well captured candid moment. her smile is very natural. you really have a talent to approach subjects in a splendid way. great job.

    btw, congrats for the photo.

  23. Kourosh rad says:

    I can easily see the joy in her face. The frame that you have chosen is excellent and the light is so natural. well done

  24. claire says:

    she has a beautiful smile. great shot of her. :)

  25. mononeil says:

    Wonderful image Ilan.
    You have a good eye for the composition within the frame.
    Congrats on your Top10 place with the animal photo. Another image which goes along with the my comment.
    Regards Neil

  26. Elaine- says:

    what a lovely shot, and a lovely girl, indeed it does look like a joyful moment, and i wish you more of them! loved the super animal shot lol i can see why they picked it! congrats!

  27. rose says:

    beautiful !!! good eye for this composition ! what cheesse !

  28. NJ & SB Photography says:

    Me encanta es un retrato excelente, la toma muy buena!!
    si si el fin de semana se acerca:)

  29. Widepixel says:

    Wonderful angle of view! and beautiful colors!

  30. Florence says:

    A luminous smile ! Great !

  31. Oeilonirique says:

    An unexpectd angle for this fresh portrait.

  32. Xavier Rey says:

    excellent portrait !

  33. aedmonds says:

    Wonderful capture! Love the hair in the grass - beautiful colors!

  34. Westy | P H O T O N O M Y says:

    this is great and has so much nice composition to it.. and the darker grass a the top and round frames it well.. though you can see the over saturatio on her shirt..

  35. lasiate says:

    joli composition et modèle mais le visage est un peu trop éclairé

  36. T and S says:

    Congratulations on "Super Animal" featuring in Top 10 of

    This is a beautiful image, you have captured the happiness in your subject's face very well...Thomas

  37. Tiziano says:

    Inusual portrait, i like the 'artificial' light.

  38. Klaus says:

    Fine art ... her smile makes me smile .. well captured

  39. Giovanni says:

    A lovely portrait full of joy! Love the framing!

  40. Walter Neiger says:

    very beautiful portrait.

  41. John Maslowski says:

    A stunning and beautiful portrait. Her smile says it all, you captured her lovely personality, great work.

  42. Ion P. says:

    lovely shot :-)

  43. elaine says:

    what a joyful moment! everything here ios perfect! and congrats on winning the Super Animal! you are truly becoming a photblog star now :)

  44. Cliff says:

    Hi, just visited your blog and went through some of the pictures. I really like the ones of people. You have an incredible eye on how to frame faces. The emotions and atmosphere are excellently caught in the photos. Great work!

  45. nissou* says:

    great portrait! very fresh and alive, love it. especially with this grass background, crazy hair, blue shirt, and brightful smile. excellent work

  46. cako says:

    Great portrait of a beautiful woman.

  47. GJC says:

    What's delightful about this is the feeling that it's in no way posed or stylized. That's hard to achieve, so you should be pleased.

  48. Klo says:

    Beautiful picture, great mood!
    And congrats on the good news :)

  49. Musa says:

    immensley great shot....

  50. Nathan says:

    Awesome shot, looks so bright and happy.

  51. Averi says:

    I really love how her hairs could almost get confused with the grass. This gives a perfectly integrated picture.
    The lightning just makes it pop out even more.


  52. Gentse Koppen says:

    very joyful indeed

  53. François-Noël says:

    T h e l i g h t i n g and the framing are very good and t h e e m o t i o n iseems to be r e a l. Beautiful portrait.

  54. photonique says:

    Realy nice portrait! Makes me smile :)

  55. Ferraby says:

    This photograph = Happiness !!
    Beautiful portrait and timely capture

  56. Mei Teng says:

    Beautiful portrait!

  57. jammy

    It's a beautiful photgraph...everything in photo looks fresh and enjoying the moment be it the girl or the grass.... and interesting angle to take a pic...well done

  58. 2009 says:

    great pic, i like the color !

  59. Anonymous

    Over exposed, harsh lighting and lacks the details on the subject.

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