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  1. LGB says:

    Superb light, detail and compostion. Love this picture!

  2. Brian Ramnath says:

    The clarity of the reflections is amazing.

  3. Markus Spring says:

    The impression of sparse light works very well here for me. Judging from the exif data it must have been quite bright.

  4. cat says:

    Gorgeous! I like the way you can see the woman's face from so many angles - and the photo on the top of the drawers is a beautiful touch. It feels like a private moment, but with a lot of warmth and love, somehow.

  5. pando says:

    Another beautiful photo!
    Regards ;]

  6. Ståle says:

    Quite a feat, this shot. Lovely use of the reflections and light. Somehow makes me think of the title of an and old Cliff Richard album: "Every face tells a story".

  7. Ivar says:

    Love the use of light and reflections in this, very nice.

  8. beanow says:

    Fantastic shot! I love it!

  9. Mindy says:

    You're very good at these reflection images. This, like your others, nails the lighting, captures the mood. Love the framing here

  10. Miro at says:

    Nice lighting and careful composition

  11. Radel says:

    you are one lucky man Ilan :)
    beautiful shot! great use of light again and wonderful composition.

  12. Marcie says:

    Wonderfully creative. Love how you captured so many reflections in one image. The quality of light is great!

  13. Terry H. says:

    The multiple mirror images and lighting is fantastic. Outstanding!!

  14. daina says:

    Terrific composition - The central figure is almost a silhouette that anchors the image yet it is the reflections the draw the eye in. A nice intimate mood as well.

  15. nico.L says:

    Bonjour Ilan !

    Nice still life shoot !!
    Naturel..... like it !


  16. Regis says:

    I like the lighting in this shot, everything stays in the shadow, focusing the eye on what's important.

  17. Elaine- says:

    utterly beautiful lighting, i don't know how she's putting on her makeup to it lol... love all the reflections in the mirrors!

  18. rgt says:

    beauty in the mirror ... question myself: what is more interesting? the beauty, or the mirror reflection ? Good Job !

  19. Will Williams says:

    Getting ready for a big night out... With all those reflections I'm surprised the photographer wasn't in the picture.

  20. Dominique says:

    that's a nice composition ... and you managed not to be seen !

  21. Anonymous

    very nice lighting and atmosphere

  22. don says:

    These fine, multiple reflections seem exposed so right on the nose. Nice mood about the shot. Well done.

  23. claire says:

    beautiful shot. love the lighting, the sharp details and the angle. nice!

  24. elaine says:

    a nice point of view u ve found to catch so many reflections!! you, little spy!

  25. Vive Malabar says:

    Nice shot, nice perspective!!!
    Is that you in the small picture?? jjjj

  26. Jonas says:

    Most of the times, a woman preparing herself is an eye catching scene. Looking at her under four angles is fascinating!

  27. Bernhard says:

    Yesterday I saw the movie "Mirrors" but this picture is much better than the movie ;)

    Greetings from Austria

  28. Mike Blanchard says:

    It is great light and I love the intimate feel of the shot. Very nice.

  29. ReallyJapan says:

    A great light in this shot.. the reflections are so cool too.. well done!

  30. Catalin Oprea says:

    Almost total perspective of subject, 4 angles of view. Nice done!

  31. Stefán H. Kristinsson says:

    Fantastic photograph, just love the light and all the reflections. Doesn't hurt that the woman is strikingly beautiful!

  32. Navdeep says:


  33. Luc Houle says:

    I like this one . Great mood !

  34. cako says:

    Very interesting - I like the multiple reflections.

  35. goldo says:

    four nice girls in one :o) great

  36. WABIKOJA says:

    A fascinating, and very nicely captured, photograph.

  37. Tatiana says:

    Extra !! Bon shoot !!!

  38. Godwin

    Great picture! Two thumbs up!!!

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