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  1. cat says:

    This is beautiful, I love abstracts and the lights are so soft and gentle - it's very evocative of a warm, clear night. Lovely!

  2. Vive Malabar says:

    Have a look in my blog, there is something for you... maybe you wont understand, I'll explain you ;)

  3. LGB says:

    So mystic... Just beautiful!

  4. daina says:

    As with many of your images I find humor in this one also. Perhaps because the circles are a bit lopsided or they make me think of jelly beans or... Most of all it made me think of the moon and the lights below. Love the ambiguity of it all and the amazing simplicity and that one can make of it what one will... and...

  5. Donelia Pérez says:

    Beuatiful shot!

  6. Ivar says:

    Really like the simplicity in this one, the softeness and absence of anything in focus is great, makes me reflect on things.
    Nicely done,.

  7. Ståle says:

    One word sums this one up for me: Delightful.
    Lovely blue tones and play with light. Gives a feeling of a peaceful night. Very good!

  8. claire

    very interesting image. :D

  9. Marcie says:

    Love the abstractness of this image..the blurr..the bokeh and light. Very creative!

  10. tetsu says:

    Dreamy.... :-)

  11. João André Farinha says:

    Great abstract. Once again a very simple concept but it worked out really well. The soft colors and deep blues reminded me of a Wong Kar Wai film :P

  12. Terry H. says:

    Simply beautiful!!

  13. Markus Spring says:

    the mirrored distortion of the circles is it what makes me see a special relationship between them - well done!

  14. don says:

    You've created an appealing abstract. I like the simplicity of the shot set off so well with the vivid blue color. Excellent.

  15. beanow says:

    The excellent idea! The processing of the picture caused that it had outright mystical chrakter. One can spin guesses only about his subject near this. And he walks about this! :)

  16. rgt says:

    strange picture. a little bit phsycedelic

  17. Triple A says: more

  18. Jonas says:

    Is it the moon above? If it is, we can say the blur effect lets terrestrial and celestial lights the closest as possible, and creates some mystical appeal.

  19. Elaine- says:

    nice surprising photo, i scrolled to see something in focus, and surprise! lol it's very pretty, i like it very much, well done you!

  20. John Maslowski says:

    Impressive abstract, love the tones and lighting. Great work!

  21. bluechameleon says:

    So beautiful in mood and abstract...lovely!

  22. Anonymous

    I like the feeling in this image - like a movie picture

  23. namaki says:

    I like this composition ! leaves us imagining ...

  24. Timothy West says:

    thats a really cool light shot i do like it..

  25. didier says:

    very good idea, well done .

  26. Phototherapy says:

    I like this type of poetry, lets say optical poetry...
    I enjoy your blog too, since the first day (Pussicat :)

  27. EdinburghGary says:

    Very, very nice.

  28. huimin says:

    loving this!

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