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  1. daina says:


  2. pan Do says:


  3. Marcie says:

    Somehow reminds me of that very famous Henri Cartier-Bresson image of D-day!! Really nice!

  4. Ivar says:

    A great picture with a lot of emotions and expressions. Great capture, works very nice in B&W as well.

  5. Reflex says:

    Great moment, very well rendered b/w

  6. Ade Adesanya says:

    I love this capture because of the expression captured. frozen in time. love the treatment. great work

  7. Anonymous

    really a greaty catch


  8. cat says:

    How wonderful! Spontaneous joy and emotion. Very happy shot, well captured!

  9. arno says:

    look like doineau, good shoot

  10. F. Benavente says:

    Wonderful street shot!. I really like this kind of photography.

  11. Terry H. says:

    Wow! They do look very happy to see each other.

  12. Jim says:

    Lovely, candid capture. Great timing to capture the decisive moment.

  13. espennilsen says:

    A good photo. A really like the good-looking faces!

  14. Andrew says:

    What a happy, fun image! Great B&W presentation as well!

  15. Mike Blanchard

    What a fun shot. Love the expressions. You captured some genuine feelings here. Nice work.

  16. nico.L says:

    Bonjour Ilan

    Very very nice lifestyle :)

    great shot and traitement B&w


  17. claire

    love the "giddy" feeling you get on this shot. they look like they are both having so much fun together. images like these makes you want to fall in love all the time. haha! very nice shot Ilan! :D

  18. Mindy says:


  19. beanow

    Joyful, optimistic picture!
    Excellent street photo!

  20. Jonas says:

    Great capture!

    I was there in August :)

  21. ReallyJapan says:

    Beautiful capture, you really froze the moment here.. amazing!

  22. grapf says:

    happiness like in a musical or seen by Doisneau! :-)

  23. Lenka says:

    You have nice black and white pictures.This one is one of the best especially if it is spontaneous! Hello from Prague.

  24. Turnbill says:

    Ah, it's so goofy to be in love! Great candid shot!

  25. EdinburghGary says:

    Lovely expressions caught, well done.

  26. Wilfried says:

    Like this one particularly, for the expression of this couple, shot at good moment! Happy new years too!

  27. Joanna says:

    Superb shot, you've captured a great moment, b&w makes it even more distinctive. happy 2009 :)

  28. Walter Neiger says:

    A picture like Doisneau ... excellent.

    Congratulations for the Best New Photoblog 2008 by PhotoblogAwards !!!

  29. nissou* says:

    such a good picture. it makes me smile. very (very) very nice!!

  30. Phototherapy says:

    Wonderful b_w, I like the richness of dark tones and the hard vigneting to concentrate on the faces, well done, as always :)

  31. CraigM says:

    A great moment captured, well spotted!

  32. Phototherapy says:

    I put one more.
    I like this image, for the form and the content, the true values, makes me think to Doisneau. Life is beautiful

  33. Zoe! says:


  34. Fritsch says:

    A great picture & even greater now that I know the story behind. Thanks for sharing this beauty. All the best & safe travels, Fritsch.

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