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  1. Jonas says:

    A very nice composition, with a perfect focus of the light on the mirror.

  2. Ivar says:

    Nice, a great composition. Like the way the blinders let some light in, while the focus is on the mirror. Great setup.

  3. pando says:

    Excellent light and composition. Beautiful photo!

  4. andy stenz

    Agree with the others. Great lighting. Good job snooting that (or whatever you did) to hit the mirror. The hint of light from the window is nice as well because it brings some depth into the photo. Well done!

  5. Ståle says:

    Lovely capture. You've created a lovely mood by "drawing the blinds" and focusing the light and sharpness on the mirror. Really nice work.

  6. cat says:

    Super - I love the large eye in the round mirror - it's a glimpse into a very private moment, but the eye makes it feel like the woman is looking back. I also like very much the soft focus on her face. Delicate and lovely!

    שנה טובה ומתוקה!

  7. claire

    really cool and awesome shot! very creative Ilan! ;)

  8. Anderson

    Hi Ian.

    Thank you very much for your comment.

    I like the copan picture a lot. But, in the reality, the COPAN building is, actually, a kind of extraterrestrial thing. :)

  9. Marcie says:

    Very creative. Love the composition..and the dark background. Excellent!

  10. beanow

    Mysterious, original frame. Excellent colouristic tone. Very good work!

  11. Terry H. says:

    Very strange and beautiful. Cool!

  12. Mike Blanchard

    Great idea. The reflected eye seems almost disconnected. Pretty cool.

  13. rhys says:

    such a great image, brilliant work.

  14. elaine says:

    you really did a greta job with teh light here

  15. Radel says:

    wonderfully composed. great use of light. well done.

  16. João André Farinha says:

    Amazing work. The ideia was great, the execution was perfect. Really outstanding work.

  17. daina says:

    Wonderful image - and very unsettling as well. The eye seems to have a disembodied life of its own staring back at its owner.

  18. Jim says:

    Outstanding composition and control of the light. Really first rate all the way around.

  19. Vive Malabar says:

    Excellent picture... !!!!!!!

    Like your work

  20. Markus Spring says:

    good lighting. the curtains provide an excellent counterpoint in the composition

  21. Anonymous

    excellent image with great lighting

  22. Kamal says:

    great lighting. i love the composition. marvellous as always. :-)

  23. Tiziano says:

    Great point of view, like the 'panning' on the right hand and the hig definition of the eye. Well done

  24. jotabe says:

    Excellent ! Great pov ;D

  25. Andrew says:

    Genuine composition with very creative lighting. Awesome image!

  26. LGB says:

    Beautiful indeed! Superb composition, excellent light and detail... Great picture!

  27. Nico.L says:

    bonjour !

    Nice composition ilan, i like the contrast with background !

  28. arnaud says:


  29. joshidaniel says:

    really liked the way yous used light in this one. cheers!

  30. Phototherapy says:

    Wonderful shot! I'm admirative.

  31. Micha says:

    I love this. Great composition and light.

  32. EdinburghGary says:

    Another stunning photo, well done. Top work.

  33. Phototherapy says:

    My prefered, for the technic and compo, the sophistication, the cinematography. Master work!

  34. Phototherapy says:

    I really like these scenes of make-up, I have a voyeur feeling, the eye in the mirror is fascinating, gerat, great job!

  35. Phototherapy says:

    I still wonder how you did this splendid background :)
    I am admirative, a masterpiece !

  36. Corpusmind says:

    Very nice picture ! The light is warm and intimist, i love it !

  37. Anonymous

    Great job, a lot of creativity you have a lot of talent .

  38. Tirza says:

    Fantastic image!

  39. Jen


  40. V-Market says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.
  41. V-Market says:

    Practically , everyone would like the room to be lit well when they look themselves on the mirror . So , logic is missing out ?

    but nice creativity .

  42. WarriorOfHeaven says:

    Nice photo, btw is this a natural light or you are using lighting equipment for this shoot?

  43. Anonymous

    A beautiful shot... gives a very surreal feeling....

  44. Deep Kagda says:

    Beautiful click...i m a beginner though in photography..and yet to learn intricacies of exposure triangle...hope i would be able to capture sth like above some day :)

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